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Enable new customer acquisition through seamless onboarding

Make onboarding as easy as possible for the user and the system administrator. Automate identification and identity verification as much as possible by offering user-friendly registration, federated identification, self-service, delegated administration, and management of user identities and personas for a seamless experience. Put your users in control and allow them to register and revoke their consent.

Federated Identification

Enable easy, yet secure access thanks to federated identification

Allow users to bring their identity from a partner company or domain. Make it easy for them to become a new customer without the hassle of providing unnecessary data. Let users move through a digital ecosystem seamlessly, delivering a great customer experience while guaranteeing security. Unburden your system administrators by relying on trusted third parties.



Easy registration makes for seamless onboarding

Make onboarding seamless for new users by letting them register their information as easily as possible. Provide your users with a self-service mechanism to manage their preferences and empower your customers to keep their information up to date. Store their information in a database of your choice but ensure privacy by letting users give and revoke consent.


Put the user in the driver’s seat

Go for agility by allowing your users to manage their own information. By offering the self-service capabilities, they will feel empowered while your system administrators will gain valuable time. Allow users to make a choice from the IdPs and authentication methods you support and the services they want to subscribe to.


Delegated administration

Empower users for easy administration

Offer your users the ability to delegate responsibilities to their coworkers. Let them give temporary access to specific resources such as expense approval or holiday request applications to other users while they, themselves, are on vacation. By delegating administration, you will improve the accuracy and appropriateness of information. By allowing your users to do this, your system administrators save valuable time.

Consent Management

Privacy in the hands of the user

Give your users the power to manage their consent, during onboarding and afterward. Empower your customers to manage their data. Let them decide what attributes are shared with IdPs and applications and what personal data you are storing.


Persona Selection

Use personas to reduce complexity

Make life easy on your users by letting them select the persona they want to use, using just one profile instead of switching from one account to another. Allow users to register the different personas they have inside an organization and use policy-based access control to link the right privileges to the right persona.