websights Forum InCyber delves into AI in cybersecurity: Interview with Xavier Lefaucheux

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Forum InCyber delves into AI in cybersecurity: Interview with Xavier Lefaucheux

In a recent interview with Global Security Mag, TrustBuilder Chief Revenue Officer Xavier Lefaucheux provided valuable insights in anticipation of TrustBuilder’s participation at the Forum InCyber. Let’s take a look at some of the key points discussed.

TrustBuilder's Participation in Forum InCyber 2024

TrustBuilder has upheld the tradition of joining the Forum InCyber for years. Xavier Lefaucheux, our Chief Revenue Officer, shares insights on our involvement in this edition. “We are excited to showcase our latest advancements at the 2024 InCyber Forum. At TrustBuilder, we have solidified our position as a trusted partner, going beyond the traditional role of a software vendor.”

“During the InCyber Forum, we will present our enhanced MFA solutions that seamlessly blend security and user experience. Our technical strategy relies on a versatile engine and security protocols that facilitate the smooth integration of various authentication technologies and third-party federation for smooth collaboration and interconnection.”

We invite you to meet us at Booth A4-24 to explore our latest innovations and discuss cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs.

TrustBuilder's High-Security Approach

Xavier Lefaucheux highlights TrustBuilder’s high-security approach, emphasizing our commitment to European cyber regulatory standards.

“As a European organization, we are dedicated to complying with cyber regulatory standards and maintaining connections with all European identity providers to provide sovereign solutions. Our recent renewal of the ANSSI certification (French Cybersecurity Agency) showcases our unwavering commitment to top-tier security. Embracing a Zero Trust strategy with a focus on digital identity highlights our drive for innovation and protection of company assets.”

Theme of Forum InCyber 2024: Reinventing Cybersecurity in the AI Era

This year, Forum InCyber 2024 explores the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity in a world where artificial intelligence increasingly shapes our digital environment. Xavier Lefaucheux, in his interview with Global Security Mag, shares TrustBuilder’s perspective on this evolution.

“Advancements in AI technology bring about numerous cyber risks, such as adversarial attacks, data manipulation, and the misuse of AI-generated content for malicious activities like phishing and social engineering. TrustBuilder not only stays current with technological progress but also proactively addresses these challenges by delving into AI integration within our solutions.”

“Among our considerations, we are exploring how AI can streamline the work of administrators and integrators, for example, through the automation of prompt-based access policy implementation. Additionally, we are exploring the possibilities offered by the Continuous Adaptive Trust approach, which integrates AI-driven data analysis techniques to implement access policies tailored to different usage contexts.”

In the face of ever-changing threats, Xavier Lefaucheux underscores the crucial need for ongoing vigilance and adaptability when crafting security technologies:

"To counter threats associated with the evolution of AI, technologies must focus on continuous monitoring, real-time analysis, and adaptive security measures. TrustBuilder is committed to operating fine-grained access control that employs more nuanced and variable methods to authorize access."

What if CISOs opted for completely customizable solutions?

Xavier Lefaucheux directly addresses CISOs to underscore the critical importance of choosing sovereign cybersecurity solutions, specially developed in Europe and tailored to the unique challenges of the local market.

“With regard to good security hygiene practices, we emphasize two crucial points: ensure the protection of your access points, whether internal or external, as a critical element of business continuity, and opt for fully customizable solutions that will enable you to enhance operational efficiency while offering the flexibility and scalability necessary to address your challenges.”

Xavier Lefaucheux emphasizes TrustBuilder’s dedication to offering customized Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions tailored to individual client requirements. This focus on personalization and flexibility showcases TrustBuilder’s resolve to uphold top-notch security standards while providing an exceptional user journey.