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The ECA unveils a mapping of the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem

The European cybersecurity offering is dynamic, benefiting from a particularly fertile environment for the development of a world leader. The European Champions Alliance (ECA) supports European technology and publishes a mapping of the European cybersecurity ecosystem highlighting inWebo MFA solution.


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inWebo listed in Scale-Up in the Identity & Access Management category of the ECA Cybersecurity mapping

The European Champions Alliance’s (ECA) mission statement is to help strengthen the European technology ecosystem. They recently published their first Scale-Up mapping to promote the European cybersecurity industry, which they continue to update.

As we move deeper into the digital transformation, we become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. inWebo MFA solution protects the accesses of more than 350 worldwide companies against phishing and identity theft. inWebo is proud to count among the solutions identified by the ECA in the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem mapping.

Key objectives of the ECA mapping of the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem

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