Support offering

Trustbuilder offers 3 levels of support

1 | Standard Software Maintenance and support

This is the most basic support you can get, made for clients who simply need technical product support and the right to upgrade to new versions. This option is in all cases a pre-requisite for more ‘advanced options.

2 | Proactive support

This advanced offering provides functional support and is coupled with regular proactive activities to maintain the solution as per best-practise.
The primary goal is that the customer service team prevents the problem from happening and provide functional advice related to change and maintenance matters. This can be coupled with additional options to remotely monitor the TrustBuilder infrastructure, to provide speedier response and actions.

3 | Managed Service / Cloud

Companies with mission-critical applications where little down time is affordable can opt for Managed Services support.
The software infrastructure is deployed and maintained by TrustBuilder Corporation, our professional service organization takes care of all operational tasks related to technical and functional maintenance.

All the above support options can be taken with standard business hours, or 24 x 7 service coverage.

Should you have any question or request regarding support options, please contact us
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