TrustBuilder for Mobile is a simple but secure mobile authenticator that comes as a companion application to TrustBuilder Identity Hub (TrustBuilder IDHub) at no extra license cost. It can be used when two-factor authentication is required for access to applications, services and APIs that are protected by TrustBuilder IDHub.


TrustBuilder for Mobile implements on-device One-Time-Password (OTP) generation using the OATH specification.
It supports all variations of this specification. It is available on iOS and Android.

How does TrustBuilder for Mobile compare to other similar applications?
Basically, it provides standard implementation of OATH, like many products on the market, but with
these specific differences:

  • TrustBuilder for Mobile is PIN, or fingerprint protected, preventing the application to
    be accessible by malicious users
  • TrustBuilder for Mobile can be branded to match the look & feel of your company
  • TrustBuilder for Mobile supports secure out-of-band authentication, leveraging the
    advantage of multi-channel security

For Mobile

TrustBuilder for Mobile Deployment

TrustBuilder for Mobile extends the functionality of TrustBuilder IDHub with two-factor authentication. As it is a standard OATH implementation, it can however also be used for two-factor authentication for commonly used sites like Dropbox, Facebook, Google and many others.

Look & Feel

TrustBuilder for Mobile can be branded to match the look & feel of the customer. Not only can it use the logo of the customer, but also the preferred colours and fonts.


TrustBuilder for Mobile can be downloaded free of charge from the respective APP stores.


TrustBuilder for mobile doesn’t require Internet, Data or Mobile network coverage. For easy enrolment via QR code a camera is needed. Manual key entry is also possible.



TrustBuilder for Mobile is a secure app. It implements several security precautions that
protect it against fraud, loss and theft:

  • The app leverages the device’s secure storage for protecting the OATH related keys
  • The app is protected by a 6-digit application PIN or user fingerprint that needs to bere-entered each time the app is re-activated
  • The OTP validity is limited to 30 seconds
  • The OTP generation is using HMAC-SHA-512