Many organisations are facing multiple user identity sources. They find it hard to locate the most appropriate, complete and up-to-date source of user identity data.

This could be the result of mergers and acquisitions, but it could also have an historical reason where every application would build its own repository of user data, simply because their needs were not addressed by existing sources.

While the industry has been trying to solve this issue with Identity Management systems to synchronise data between the different repositories, the incompatibility of data and the fact that some organisations have a very dynamic structure (e.g. selling off earlier acquisitions) simply doesn’t provide a future-proof solution.

While we are convinced that user identity centralisation is the way to go to meet all kinds of regulations, with TrustBuilder Identity Hub, organisations can leverage these different user identity resources without the need to synchronise or centralise them, yet.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub uses the technique of directory chaining to locate user data in the appropriate repositories. Once user identity data is discovered, TrustBuilder will not synchronise the data (though it could) but it will keep track of the source of the data. This will significantly optimize future user identity data requests.