What is it?

itsme® is a Mobile Identity solution brought to the Belgian market by Belgian Mobile ID (BMID), a consortium of leading banks and mobile network operators.

The itsme® app offers all Belgian residents with the unique opportunity to get a mobile ID on their smartphone allowing them to identify themselves online and to conduct digital transactions in a highly secured way.

The app replaces the laundry list of passwords, user names, tokens and card readers with an intuitive application to access a wide range of services online. This secured solution uses a unique combination of your mobile phone, your SIM card, your own biometrics and your personal itsme® PIN.

For corporations, it is an easy, ubiquitous solution to provide a strong 2-factor authentication solution for sensitive applications.  It is a mobile-friendly alternative for eID, both for authentication and for gathering verified identity data for use of your business applications.

Challenge for your organisation

While the benefits of itsme® are straightforward, implementing it for your organization requires a great deal of technical know-how and expertise on digital identity standards, not to mention the related security aspects.  Deploying an itsme®-enabled application is not a trivial task.

itsme mobile digital ID logo

What does TrustBuilder offer in this context?

TrustBuilder Identity Hub provides the solution to hook up your applications to itsme® without the need to modify your application or to deal with the API integration with BMID.  Similarly, you can also bring the benefits of itsme® to any of your preferred security-sensitive cloud application, in a transparent way for the cloud application, by using the power of the Identity Hub concept.

It is a future-proof solution. If itsme® would ever change the integration protocols or authentication mechanisms details, your applications  will remain untouched.

itsme idhub

Contact us to know more how Identity Hub can help you deploy itsme® for your applications or schedule a demonstration.

For more details, please download the itsme for business datasheet.