What is it?

eHerkenning is a Dutch authentication and authorisation system that allows users of organisations to access services provided by other organisations and the government.

Given that the user has the right privileges, he/she will also enjoy a single sign-on experience, meaning that the user will not have to authenticate for each service that is being accessed.

eHerkenning leverages a trust model that allows more critical services to require for stronger authentication and registration services. E.g. authentication using multi-factor with a mobile device over username/password and registration requiring face-to-face instead of a scan of an ID send by mail.

eHerkenning works with registered identity providers (IdPs). So, when a user signs on to any application provided by a service provider (SP) registered with eHerkenning, he/she will be asked to select one of these IdPs. The user signs on to the IdP, using the requested trust level and will get access to the SP application.

Challenge for your organisation

While the benefits of eHerkenning are straightforward, implementing it for your organization requires a great deal of technical know-how and expertise on digital identity standards, not to mention the related security aspects.  Deploying an eHerkenning-enabled application is not a trivial task.

What does TrustBuilder offer in this context?

TrustBuilder Identity Hub provides the solution to hook up your applications (SPs) to eHerkenning without the need to modify your application or to deal with the integration with the eHerkenning IdPs.

It is a future-proof solution. If eHerkenning would ever decide to change the integration protocols or authentication mechanisms, your applications (SPs) remain untouched.

eherkenning plattform

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