Our Partner Network Program is a global network of Identity and Access Management
(IAM) specialized system integrators and resellers. Its members benefit twice: on the
one hand, from TrustBuilder’s experience and passion to deliver an identity and access
management product that exceptionally meets today‘s digital needs and, on the other
hand, from endless opportunities to create collaboratively new business ideas and sales
opportunities around the corporation’s product portfolio.

To achieve it, TrustBuilder supports its network partners on all relevant fields – from lead passing to marketing, from
professional services up to product 2nd line support.
We truly believe that our partners are the spearhead of our products’ success and therefore see it as our personal interest
to empower them.

Only together, as a team, are we able to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Different programs – different opportunities

The TrustBuilder Partner Network Program consists of two kinds of partnerships interested parties can choose from:
business partnerships and service partnerships. The service partnership focuses on delivering regional value-added
customer services, whereas the business partnership concentrates on fostering sales activities.

Business Partners

Our business partners are directly involved in the TrustBuilder sales cycle. They can choose between three different fields
of activity: identification, sale, and realization. Depending on their personal preference, they can participate in one, two or
even all three of these fields of activity.

In return, the TrustBuilder Corporation offers its business partners the opportunity to resell and deploy the leading solution
in the area of identity authentication and authorization.

Service Partners

Our service partners have to be system integrators with experience in IAM technology. This is a necessity, as they provide
IAM implementation and support services to end-customers in their region.


Business and service partner benefits

As already mentioned, both kinds of Partnership come with their own benefits. On tops of this, all partners of the TrustBuilder Network Program profit also from the following:

  • Excellent pricing conditions
  • Access to our partner webpage, which includes access to software downloads, NFR license, FAQs, technical support and pre-sales information
  • Product training
  • Product pre-release information through e-mails and webcasts
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing support, which includes joint activities for lead generation, marketing materials, email templates, and event support


Just send us an email or fill out our contact form.

TrustBuilder Corporation will reply soon and provide you with a full information package.
Upon signing a network partner program agreement, we will jointly work out a support strategy for your company to provide our solutions to your customers in the best way possible.