Exceptional user experience is nowadays a must-have. It’s a not only a competitive differentiator that helps you retain but also acquire new customers. At the same time, financial institutions are high-targets for criminals, who now focus on the digital battlefield. They are exploiting all available digital channels to breach your systems or lure your customers to perform fraudulent transactions.

On the other hand, Digital Transformation is now key to competitiveness and brand leadership, while new regulations such as PSD2 are both constraints and threat to your business model.

Maintaining the balance between these 4 pillars has now become a priority for every retail bank.

What does TrustBuilder offer to
Retail Banking?

TrustBuilder provides a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform that enables retail banks to meet strict internal security policies and security-related regulations, all while accelerating digital transformation, and a seamless, consistent, personalized experiences to your customers.

1 | Enhance Customer Experience

Customers and prospects are now expecting a seamless online experience, inspired by the one they get from their preferred retailers and digital providers.
Across the whole financial industry, there are no doubts that those who achieve a seamless, personalized experiences will win on the long run. To attract and gain trust with new prospects and preserve the loyalty of existing customers, Identity Hub gives you a competitive edge by:

  • Simplifying the digital onboarding experience
  • Providing a single view of identity and attributes, across application back-ends
    and across channels
  • Triggering intrusive authentication only when the context mandates it
  • Supporting in a consistent way browser and mobile access

2 | Secure Business Transactions

Identity Hub has been helping retail banks and other financial institutions to secure their business since the early age of Internet Banking.
To help security and fraud departments secure customer transactions, Identity Hub simplify the application of best practices by:

  • Providing a single point of security policy enforcement across channels and applications, based on dynamic, context-aware, attribute-based access control.
  • Integrating latest multi-factor authentication technologies available on the market
  • Supporting in a consistent way browser and mobile/API security policies
  • Integrating with best-of-breed fraud-detection engines/solutions for real-time access control decisions.

3 | Comply with Regulations

National and European Regulations governing your business address security and privacy matters, with various degree of prescriptiveness.
Identity Hub has been proofed as enabler to meet regulations like PSD2, GDPR and KYC, by enabling you to:

  • Perform customer identification and enforce the required level of
  • Enforce access control to your retail banking applications and services
  • Manage user consent and personal data, while complying with privacy

4 | Accelerate Digital Transformation

Because traditional banking organization tend be siloed, they also tend to leverage heavily on existing legacy systems. Silos, in turn, make it difficult to work with IT in order to implement the right technology quickly.
Identity Hub is an accelerator to any Digital Transformation initiatives; as it has been designed from the ground up to easily interconnect the digital identity silos, and has proven to deliver quickly its benefits to innovating projects in the digital field. It speeds up digital innovation as it allows to experiment innovations more quickly by:

  • Integrate with Legacy systems and existing user repositories
  • Allowing to prototype user management and authentication functions easily
  • Re-use existing user onboarding and authentication processes

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