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inWebo MFA recognized as a foundation of the Digital Workplace by Wavestone

In just 3 years, Wavestone’s “Digital Workplace Startups Radar” has almost doubled and counts 190 companies. The consulting firm highlights inWebo MFA in the “Foundation” category among the “Security & identity” solutions to protect the Digital Workplace.


Towards Digital & Hybrid Workspace

Over the past two years, there has been a significant shift in the way people work. Many companies have moved to digital and hybrid workplaces. A transition made possible and successful by implementing tools and services to maintain productivity, data security and employee engagement.

Wavestone's Digital Workspace Startups Radar

Wavestone is a leading player in European independent consulting, and the number one in France. In 2019, facing the covid-19 pandemic and considering the repercussions due to lockdown, the consulting firm published its first edition of the Digital Workplace Startups Radar. Three years later, the radar now counts over 190 companies.


Digital Workplace Radar: 11 categories within 5 themes

Microsoft Office suite is one of the most well-known services, including Powerpoint, Word and Excel, and is a “must have” for organizations. To support the digital transition of worldwide companies, Microsoft offers Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). A suite of tools including the Office suite and a set of online services, including OneDrive, Teams, Skype Enterprise and SharePoint Online.


Low Code devlopment Platform

Knowledge management



Team Collaboration

Individual productivity

Physical devices and workspaces 


Smart Workspaces 

Sustainable Tech

Green IT

Green Way to Work


Infrastructure and networks

Security & identity

inWebo MFA strong authentication, a key "foundation" solution of the Security and Identity category

Security and data protection have become, more than ever, major concerns for companies to deal with increasing risks. The use of multifactor authentication (MFA) (or strong authentication) is an opportunity to meet the challenges of today’s changing work environment, cybersecurity landscape and regulations.

Wavestone has once again highlighted inWebo in its Digital Workplace radar. In this 2021 edition, inWebo MFA is listed among the “Foundation” solutions in the “Security & Identity” category. More than 300 worldwide organizations use inWebo MFA to promote employee mobility and reinforce their Zero Trust policy thanks to a unique MFA technology, patented and certified by the ANSSI.