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TrustBuilder enables secure digital transformation

Digital is at the heart of customer relationships. Trust, and Identity and Access Management are prerequisites for a digital transformation.  TrustBuilder helps financial services companies and other organizations to combine ultimate customer experience with the highest level of security.


“Technological innovations will be the heart and blood of the banking industry for many years to come and if big banks do not make the most of it, the new players from FinTech and large technology companies surely will.”

TrustBuilder makes digital transformation secure

Building digital ecosystems fast and easy

Banks, insurances, financial institutions and other organizations are engaging in digital ecosystems, enriching their own offering with services from third parties. TrustBuilder facilitates building these ecosystems by providing out-of-the-box connections to Identity Providers and Service Providers. This allows organizations to focus on the quality of the services they connect to, without having to worry about connectivity or security. This shortens time to market when adding new services or bringing third parties into the ecosystem.

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API security is key in digital transformation

Applications are no longer built as large monoliths, microservices rule! Microservices are small programs that perform specific functions and work together with other microservices to form a whole. Securing the connections between these microservices is key in protecting digital ecosystems and customer-facing applications. TrustBuilder provides adequate security in complex environments with hundreds of APIs. TrustBuilder addresses security of the APIs on an individual component level, validating identity and access privileges at each hop.

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Total enterprise spending on digital transformations in 2019

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Taking care of privacy and compliance

Many organizations collect masses of information on customers and their behavior. To build a sustainable relationship of trust between companies and consumers, transparency is imperative. As a European software company, TrustBuilder attaches a great deal of importance to establishing and maintaining trust between consumers and organizations’ applications. That’s why TrustBuilder allows end users to give or revoke their own consent for sharing personal data to all applications, even on-premise web apps.  


Adaptive authentication delivers customer experience

In a digital world where applications are accessible through the open internet, sensitive resources and data need better protection than public information. A good security policy will strike the right balance between customer convenience and airtight security. TrustBuilder lets organizations design a customer journey that adapts the level of security to the sensitivity of the resources addressed and the authorization level of the users. Adaptive authentication checks the criteria that apply to grant the user access and supports all necessary authentication mechanisms.

“Financial institutions must be able to deliver an easy to navigate, a seamless platform that goes far beyond a miniaturized online banking offering.”

Decreasing time to revenue

Digital transformation has created a rat race where a shorter time to market means a shorter time to revenue. Companies want to cater to consumers’ needs by rolling out new services in a minimum of time. TrustBuilder.io consists of a catalog of services that developers can easily add to their existing IAM framework and comes with a vast set of connections to applications (service providers) and identity providers. TrustBuilder.io is delivered as a cloud platform. This makes adding services even more convenient to the IT department.


Setting a zero-trust policy

Digital innovation is an imperative for any future-thinking enterprise but does not come without danger. By exposing applications, resources and data to the internet, organizations run the risk of getting unauthorized visitors or customers using compromised devices when accessing resources. Many organizations nowadays take a ‘trust nothing, trust no one’ stance. TrustBuilder allows companies to enforcing this zero-trust policy, thanks to our powerful policy engine, our capability to impose adaptive authentication and our strong API security.