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TrustBuilder accelerates digital ecosystem development

Digital ecosystems have become the new normal for financial institutions, combining financial and non-financial services from multiple providers. TrustBuilder empowers banks and other financial service players to bring these ecosystems to market faster and more securely.


“No company exists in a vacuum; each is part of an ecosystem.”

Steve J. Bowen


Digital ecosystems today power 7 of the 12 largest companies by market cap.


TrustBuilder is an enabler for digital ecosystems

TrustBuilder delivers the necessary capabilities to build digital ecosystems faster than the competition, thanks to our built-in connections to customer applications and Identity Providers. Our airtight security protects all applications within a digital ecosystem.

Short time to market

Financial services firms are involved in a competitive race to offer the broadest and most relevant set of services to their customers, differentiating them from the next bank. The same applies for insurance companies, airlines and even HR service providers. To beat the market, these companies need solutions that deliver instant and seamless connectivity to Service Providers and Identity Providers. TrustBuilder.io contains a large portfolio of connections out of the box. This allows fast go-to-market and more flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.

Securing microservices

Digital ecosystems are a patchwork of applications provided through microservices that has to be supplied to the customer as if it were just one system. TrustBuilder.io builds the connections between the services and its capabilities for API security ensure that customers can connect seamlessly. As customers move from one service to another, TrustBuilder checks authorizations and permissions and secures the API architecture, scaling to complex environments with hundreds of APIs.

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Adaptive security

Some services and resources in a digital ecosystem are more sensitive than others, and TrustBuilder ensures the right level of authorization is checked before a user gains access to those resources. TrustBuilder supports Attribute-based Access Control, allowing fine-grained access control when complex rules are imposed. TrustBuilder comes with an out-of-the-box powerful rules engine, eliminating the need for customization.  The Workflow Engine contains the rules on what attributes are needed to gain access to a specific resource. This powerful combination makes TrustBuilder the de facto choice for building secure digital ecosystems.

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Services companies using TrustBuilder

Whether you need to authenticate millions of users every day, or are building out an ecosystem of services, TrustBuilder is here to protect your applications, resources and data.

Improving customer experience

Digital ecosystems offer a one-stop-shop of services to consumers. TrustBuilder helps banks build out ecosystems of financial and non-financial services in order to offer a complete solution to their customers. HR services companies connect third-party offerings to their employee portals and insurance companies use TrustBuilder to collaborate with brokers and grow their portfolio.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

The number of service providers is large and this allows companies to pick and choose the offerings that best complement their solution and reflect the same quality and business spirit. Thanks to the connectivity to Service Providers and Identity Providers that comes out of the box in TrustBuilder.io, companies can include the services that best fit their ecosystem, without being restricted or slowed down by long development cycles.

Drive new revenue

As margins on traditional products are forever eroding, being able to offer complementary services can create new revenue streams to financial services companies and other organizations. In addition), presenting a wide portfolio of services will help reduce churn, allowing enterprises to get a larger share of wallet with their existing customers while attracting new ones.