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Case Studies: How Deviceless Strong Authentication Supports Digital Transformation

In the first part of this article, two cybersecurity experts, Bruno Prigent and Lorena Cabrera, outlined the benefits of inWebo’s Deviceless MFA. 

Let’s now take a closer look at a few use cases and see how this exclusive technology meets the challenges faced by organizations in all industries.

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Secured and simplified access for doctors and patients


Worldwide leader in the healthcare industry, with a large network of doctors and end-users


The company had an application for both patients and doctors, using the login/password combination for their authentication. Hence, the implementation of a strong authentication solution was necessary to meet the latest legal requirements regarding healthcare data management.

How can we match the need for data security with the user requirements of both patients and doctors?


With TrustBuilders Deviceless MFA, the patient’s enrollment is completely transparant and it’s connection experience simplified, with no equipment constraints. As for doctors, the solution has secured the access to health data without any IT development nor deployment, guaranteeing a wide and quick adoption. All profiles – patients and doctors – i.e. more than 5,000 users – were therefore covered with a single strong authentication solution.

Online banking

Ease of implementation and use


Major international brands in the luxury and retail industry


Applications such as Office 365, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Azure AD, which provide access to email and shared files in the cloud, are particularly exposed on the Internet. This raises an important security issue when passwords are hacked.

How can we add a layer of security with MFA without "losing" users who have been used to logging in with a simple password?


With TrustBuilders Deviceless MFA, CISOs can keep the same user experience, and even simplify it, while improving security. As a matter of fact, Deviceless provides the strongest protection possible against phishing. It is actually the only token able to verify the legitimacy of the URL requesting access. This means that if the user is redirected to a malicious website, the Deviceless token will block the connection attempt and prevent the attack from being carried out.

Companies from all industries

Access to corporate applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Azure AD ...


Several major international banks


Because of PSD2 regulation, banks have to upgrade their authentication solution, from the usual login/password combination, reinforced by an SMS OTP, towards a real strong authentication solution for their mobile applications, but also for their web portals where end-users can seal transactions, transfer money, carry out sensitive operations, add a bank account number, etc. Thousands of customers, whether professional or individual, are affected by this new legal requirement in the banking industry.

How do we combine security and ease of use to boost adoption?


Thanks to TrustBuilders Deviceless MFA, banks were able to deliver a fast and easy connection experience to their users, without any equipment constraints or app installation requirement. And all this did not come at the expense of security as inWebo offers the same level of security on all its tokens: browser as well as mobile or desktop. The solution therefore ensures PSD2 compliance, with strong authentication for customer accounts access and sealing for sensitive operations, including financial transactions.

Check out ou webinar on PSD2 and financial services

Access to business web applications from an external network


Major player in the Defence industry


This leading French player in the Defense industry provides its mobile employees with an application portal which they can access from an external network. As a gateway to sensitive data, its access must be highly secure.

How can we meet internal security requirements while giving mobile employees the opportunity to pursue their activities without any difficulties?


Thanks to a large number of integrations and its wide variety of tokens, TrustBuilder.io MFA adapts to its customers technical architecture. In this case, this application portal runs with the SAML v2 authentication protocol and is protected by inWebo MFA. Users can easily authenticate themselves via their trusted browser and no other device, such as a smartphone (professional or private) or a security key, is required. For an actor handling sensitive data through the cloud, Deviceless MFA is the perfect match for high security and simplified connection experience.

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