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What is Deviceless MFA?

When discussing strong authentication and tokens, one often refers to smartphones, security keys and smart cards. Unfortunately, these devices come with constraints not only for users, but also for developers and integrators. Deviceless MFA meets the challenges of cybersecurity without compromising the user experience or the ease of deployment for companies.

Deviceless MFA, what is it exactly?

Deviceless MFA is a multifactor authentication technology that allows end users to authenticate and access their apps, network and data only by using any browser, without the need to have a physical key, a smartphone or company-owned computer, or to install specific hardware or software.

With Deviceless MFA, the web browser is the trusted "device" to securely authenticate access.

Why use Deviceless MFA?

There are many benefits for using Deviceless MFA given the realities of today’s workplace issues, access to technologies and security landscape.

Frictionless login without equipment constraints

Deviceless MFA is a universal token, accessible to all and available immediately. The enrollment process is completely transparent for the user and authentication is seamless thanks to a passwordless connection without having to retype an OTP. In addition, end-users are freed from the constraints related to their equipment.

High protection against phishing attacks

In addition to securing access from the browser, Deviceless MFA is the most reliable token to protect from phishing attacks. It is indeed the only token that can verify that the url on which the authentication is attempted is legitimate, thus blocking any phishing attempt done on a fake website.

Secure multi-user connections

Another advantage of Deviceless MFA is that the same browser can be used by different users who will each have their own authentication. This is very useful on shared computers in order to maintain a high level of connection security and distinguish the various users using the accesses.

Facilitate and secure BYOD

Deviceless MFA is a relief for the administrators. They no longer need to provide specific hardware to users (external service providers, employees without mobile computing equipment, partners, etc.). It is THE token to promote BYOD while raising security level.

Simple and rapid way to implement MFA

Sometimes, like when a pandemic strikes, you may have to launch into an MFA project with immediate emergency. When specific security policies make it difficult to install an application or require a laborious and time-consuming procedure, Deviceless is a time-saver. There is nothing to install, deployment is done very quickly in a few clicks thanks to a large number of connectors, without installation, and without needing human contact.


How does Deviceless MFA work?

Deviceless MFA relies on a JavaScript that runs in the user’s browser. However, only random dynamic keys makes Deviceless MFA possible and above all, ultra-secure. It is a unique technology patented by inWebo.
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