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Our partners: an ecosystem of IAM experts

To help organizations tackle the challenges of digitization and increasingly complex identity and access management, we rely on the expertise of carefully selected partners.

D-systems logo
Service partner

D-Systems (Belgium)

As our service partner, D-Systems offers a wide range of IAM consulting services, with a focus on access management, single sign-on and security for web applications and web services. Thanks to extensive knowledge of IAM solutions and global IT, D-Systems is able to select the right products for every situation. Their integration experience makes them the ideal partner for every type of organization: from small, agile startups to complex and established firms.

Business partner

Timetoact (Germany)

Our business partner Timetoact supports the development of a uniform identity and access governance (IAG) strategy from product evaluation to implementation and operation of an integrated solution. In addition, Timetoact also specializes in integrating IAM processes into their standardized IAMaaS solution. Whichever path you choose, Timetoact always adheres to the highest integrity, availability and traceability standards, and is committed to driving business value.

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Business partner

SecurIT (the Netherlands/US)

Founded in 1999, SecurIT has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining large IAM/IAG infrastructures. By providing the best service and IAM solutions, SecurIT helps its customers control who has access to what and via which device. Known for its high-quality consultancy, solutions and 24/7 support services, they forge long-term relationships centered around trust and added value.

Business partner

Quattroemme (Italy)

Italy-based IT company Quattroemme was founded in 1987 with a clear focus on helping companies to improve collaboration. Over the years, the team expanded its expertise to include customer relationship management (CRM) as well as employee relationship management, and business acceleration. The company is renowned for its dual analytical and methodological approach aimed at improving efficiency.

TCC Logo
Business partner

TCC (Saudi Arabia)

TCC (Technology Control Company) is a government-owned cybersecurity, big data and digital services firm from Saudi Arabia. Since its inception in 2008, the company has been offering best-in-class IT solutions to customers and has proven its capability to handle the most complex situations.

Business partner

Agisko (Belgium)

A team of talented experts, Agisko zeroes in on the digital workplace and its enabling and supporting technologies, approaches, architectures and solutions. Their vision? A world where people, organizations and tech can work together without barriers or friction – for simple processes, quick decisions, and rapid innovation.

itsme logo
Technology partner

itsme® (Belgium)

Introduced by the Belgian Mobile ID (BMID) consortium, itsme® is a mobile identity app that provides Belgian residents with a mobile ID on their smartphone. The app replaces passwords, usernames, tokens and card readers, thus enabling a smooth user experience for a wide range of online services. Using a unique combination of device, SIM card, biometrics and PIN, itsme® provides best-in-class security and ample opportunities for companies and organizations.

Business partner

Gemalto (The Netherlands)

Part of the Thales Group, Amsterdam-based digital security company Gemalto provides software applications, secure personal devices, and managed devices. Gemalto’s digital technologies are found at the heart of everyday life: from banks exchanging funds and people crossing borders to connected cars.

Technology partner

OneSpan (US)

Headquartered in Chicago (US), OneSpan (formerly VASCO) specializes in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions. It’s on-premise and cloud-based solutions enable companies to easily detect fraud while improving the user experience. More than half of the world’s 100 top banks trust OneSpan to protect their digital journeys, and the company has won numerous awards for its authentication solutions.