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These companies and organizations are putting trust and security first while delivering compelling user experiences. Find out how TrustBuilder Identity Hub adapts to their unique situations, wishes and requirements.


TrustBuilder powers digital transformation of HR services at SD Worx

The HR services market has undergone a deep digital transformation. From sending paper pay slips by ground mail just a decade ago, interaction with customers and customers employees has gone digital. A solid Identity and Access Management (IAM) system is needed to steer this digital transformation. In the case of Belgian market leader SD Worx, TrustBuilder Identity Hub is the engine that secures all interactions.

TrustBuilder helps drive digital transformation at Allianz Benelux

The ecosystem of an insurance company is vast. Brokers, customers and employees all need access to applications, data and forms. Securing access while offering excellent customer experience is quite a challenge. That’s why Allianz Benelux turned to TrustBuilder Identity Hub as the cornerstone in solving its IAM challenges.


TrustBuilder helps future-proof European bank

Access to applications needs to be as transparent as possible, for both internal users and external business partners. To achieve the best possible user experience while still maintaining a high level of security, a large European bank turned to TrustBuilder. What’s more, they are also using TrustBuilder Identity Hub to build out their ecosystem of financial and non-financial services.  

TrustBuilder handles millions of authentications a day at EUROCONTROL

Building a Single European Sky that can deliver air traffic management for the 21st century and beyond. That is the mission of intergovernmental organization EUROCONTROL. No wonder they turned to TrustBuilder to authenticate access to their applications. Applying strong authentication, TrustBuilder performs millions of authentications daily.

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