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How the Printemps Group secured its VPN and cloud applications with TrustBuilder

The multifactor authentication solution protecting the Printemps group's VPN access was gradually becoming obsolete. Operating in the retail sector - a prime target for attackers - the group decided to call on TrustBuilder to reinforce its security infrastructures. This choice was also motivated by the desire to prevent phishing and Brute Force attacks, which are on the increase with the democratization of teleworking.

TrustBuilder powers the notarial profession’s move to the cloud

At the end of 2022, Fednot, the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries, reached a key milestone in the digitization of its services to Belgian notaries and the general public. Moving its Identity and Access Management (IAM) to the cloud allows Fednot to serve its customer base more efficiently and expand its services.

IAM as the cornerstone for digitized processes and greater user experience at SD Worx

HR service providers are seeking digital innovations. From sending paper pay slips by ground mail just a decade ago, interaction with customers and customers employees has gone digital and mobile. A solid Identity and Access Management (IAM) system is key in driving digitization. European HR services leader SD Worx chose TrustBuilder as a main component in its architecture.

TrustBuilder helps drive digital transformation at Allianz Benelux

The ecosystem of an insurance company is vast. Brokers, customers and employees all need access to applications, data and forms. Securing access while offering excellent customer experience is quite a challenge. That’s why Allianz Benelux turned to TrustBuilder Identity Hub as the cornerstone in solving its IAM challenges.

TrustBuilder helps future-proof European bank

Access to applications needs to be as transparent as possible, for both internal users and external business partners. To achieve the best possible user experience while still maintaining a high level of security, a large European bank turned to TrustBuilder. What’s more, they are also using TrustBuilder Identity Hub to build out their ecosystem of financial and non-financial services.  

TrustBuilder handles millions of authentications a day at EUROCONTROL

Building a Single European Sky that can deliver air traffic management for the 21st century and beyond. That is the mission of intergovernmental organization EUROCONTROL. No wonder they turned to TrustBuilder to authenticate access to their applications. Applying strong authentication, TrustBuilder performs millions of authentications daily.

Frictionless login journey for BNP Paribas' B2B corporate e-banking solution

As part of a compliance initiative PSD2 and with the aim of freeing itself from the hardware constraints of certain multi-factor authentication solutions, BNP Paribas turned to the full SaaS solution inWebo MFA to secure access to its professional e-banking solution (Ma Banque Entreprise). Today, several tens of thousands of users benefit from the simplicity of the inWebo solution's connection experience.

TV5MONDE: how to continuously adapt access security to new use cases

Yoann Paoloni, CISO of TV5MONDE, explains how the scope of strong authentication has been progressively extended, allowing the company to adapt to new use cases (mobility, messaging) while improving the security of its access and the connection experience of its users. An ongoing project made possible thanks to the flexibility and reactivity of inWebo's MFA solution delivered in SaaS mode.

CITEO: TrustBuilder.io MFA is a must-have for the transformation of the information system

In the process of transferring its information system to the cloud and aiming to simplify the connection experience of its employees, Citeo identified inWebo MFA as an essential part of its IT strategy.

Credit Agricole Consumer Finance secures and streamlines access to its sensitive services

Feedback from Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance on their project to secure and simplify access to their sensitive services for 50,000 partners with a MFA solution that complies with the GDPR and the recommendations of the European Banking Authority (EBA). Security and user experience requirements achieved for the company thanks to the implementation of a SaaS based multi-factor authentication solution (MFA).

Driving Groupama's secure digital transformation with a SaaS MFA

With the virtualisation of workstations and the development of remote working, multi-factor strong authentication has rapidly become an indispensable element for Groupama. Promises kept for inWebo's MFA / 2FA solution, which meets the group's security requirements, while providing a fluid user experience as well as quick and easy integration.

Parisian Hospital boosts health data security and simplifies logistics thanks to inWebo SaaS MFA

TrustBuilder supports the GHT in the implementation of a safer, simpler and more productive digital environment. Discover how TrustBuilders strong authentication solution enables to meet the regulatory challenges of the health sector and to widen, while facilitating, access to the information system.

How the mutual insurance company Matmut secured its unmanaged workstations to maintain its activity

Matmut, which was undergoing a business continuity plan (BCP) in the face of the Covid pandemic, deployed the TrustBuilder strong authentication system on a large scale and in a few days MFA. Cédric Chevrel, CISOof the Matmut Group, shared his experience with us during a RETEX workshop at the 2020 Security Conference.

INA protects its audiovisual heritage and remote accesses with the following technology inWebo

The French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) archives a vast audiovisual collection of 3 petabytes and delivers sequences to TV news channels in less than 30 minutes. Its protection and the integrity of these transmissions are priorities. Namely within the framework of home office extended to all professions.