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TrustBuilder Powers Fednot’s Move to the Cloud for the Belgian Notarial Profession

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Fednot, the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries, recognized the need to enhance its digital services for Belgian notaries and the general public – and move to the cloud. The challenge was to provide secure and efficient access to applications while ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. By moving its Identity and Access Management (IAM) to the cloud, Fednot aimed to serve its customer base more efficiently and expand its services.

Serving the Trusted Advisors of the Belgian Public

On a yearly basis, 2.5 million citizens and entrepreneurs consult Belgian notaries at key moments in their personal or professional lives. Notaries serve as trusted advisors, delivering tailored advice and services on matters such as marriage, divorce, purchasing or selling a house, setting up a company, or settling a legacy or inheritance. Fednot supports notaries by providing legal advice, guidance on managing their firms, IT solutions, and training. It also informs the general public and has a network covering more than 1,600 notaries and about 10,000 staff members.

The Strategic Importance of Secure Access Management

As notaries deal with personal and sensitive information, Fednot attaches great importance to security, data protection, and privacy. “Access Management is of strategic importance to us,” said Dominique Walravens, Solutions and Lead Architect at Fednot. “On the one hand, data security is key to notaries. On the other hand, we also provide connectivity to institutional partners such as federal government agencies and banks. They require us to use strong identity management and authentication.”

Fednot began digitizing its processes as far back as 2001. “Digital transformation is unthinkable without Identity and Access Management,” said Jolien Jans, Cluster Manager Platform at Fednot. “We view our TrustBuilder solution as a gatekeeper for our services, protecting us from potential intruders as we move to the cloud.”

Embracing TrustBuilder’s Innovative Access Management Platform

To address its access management needs, Fednot turned to platform with TB Access Manager and TB Authentication Manager. These cutting-edge offerings provided a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including Single Sign-On (SSO), Federated Identity Management, Adaptive Authentication and secure API connectivity as they move to the cloud.

TrustBuilder’s solutions were introduced at Fednot in 2016 to secure mobile access to services, especially for citizen applications. “Mobile authentication was increasingly important, as people don’t always have an eID-reader available. Nowadays, most people are equipped with a smartphone they can use to authenticate,” said Walravens.

TrustBuilder supports a wide variety of mobile authentication methods, including local solutions like the BOSA Federal Authentication Service (BOSA FAS), the Belgian eID card, and itsme. Fednot is also looking forward to eIDAS support to grant access to European citizens.

We find it important to provide our own identity to other applications that are not necessarily controlled by us. When we are part of a larger process, we want to be a trusted party in that entire flow.

Dominique Walravens –Solutions and Lead Architect

Federated Identity Management, enabled by TrustBuilder’s TB Access Manager, was another crucial capability for Fednot. It allows secure connectivity and identity federation with external applications and partners.

Beside the 90 applications that Fednot offers notaries, TrustBuilder’s solutions also protect applications for the general public, such as Naban (which stores citizens’ authentic deeds), StartMyBusiness (the Belgian platform for online incorporation of companies, associations, or foundations), and the digital vault IZIMI.

“Single Sign-On (SSO) makes life easy for citizens, who can move from one application to another, but for notaries and their employees, SSO is an absolute must-have,” said Jolien Jans. “They can log in to our platform in the morning and get access to all our applications without having to authenticate again and again throughout the working session.” TrustBuilder’s solutions provide extra security to ensure that notarial staff only get access to authorized applications.

Successful Implementation and Positive Feedback

The implementation of TrustBuilder’s solutions was a success for Fednot. Tens of thousands of licenses were deployed rapidly across the organization’s corporate customer base. Both users and the technical team provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the solutions’ simplicity and effectiveness.

“The Administration part is fairly intuitive and easy to configure,” praised Jolien Jans. “The very few questions that arose during the configuration process were promptly and expertly addressed by TrustBuilder’s teams.”

The flexibility of TrustBuilder’s solutions enabled Fednot to deploy them on a large scale in a short period, ensuring a smooth transition for customers without any service disruptions or downtime. Fednot provided comprehensive training and support to ensure seamless adoption by their corporate clients.

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A Move to the Cloud for Enhanced Connectivity

Fednot is part of an ecosystem that includes government agencies, banks, and other applications such as the secure digital securities register eStox.

To us, it is definitely an advantage that TrustBuilder offers a wide range of connectors to different applications.

Jolien Jans –Cluster Manager Platform

“Support for APIs is very important, for instance, for connectivity to the document management platforms notaries use or to real estate applications. We are also actively engaging with different ecosystem partners to offer extra services to notaries and the general audience.”

As Fednot migrates from an on-premise deployment to the cloud version of, maintenance of the CIAM solution will become more efficient. “We are really looking forward to investigating the extra connectivity options that will become available to us. It is certainly a bonus that management and upgrade of connectors will come automatically in the cloud model, rather than having to implement upgrades and updates on our own servers.” explained Jolien Jans.

A True Partnership for Digital Transformation

“Over the years, we have established a good partnership with TrustBuilder. We have seen a steady increase in the quality of the solutions and the managed services we get. There is a good two-way communication between TrustBuilder and Fednot. To me, it is really positive to work with a company that is locally organized and has a feel for the Belgian and European market.”

“As we say in French, we are ‘à tu et à toi’,” confirmed Dominique Walravens. “We have a lot of touchpoints, with monthly service meetings that become more frequent if we are working closely on a project, like the current migration to the cloud. We also have half-yearly strategy meetings where we discuss our objectives and TrustBuilder shares its roadmap. It feels good to know that TrustBuilder listens to our suggestions of new functionalities that we require and then builds these into its roadmap.”

Compared to most other European countries, the Belgian notaries are well advanced in their digital transformation. IAM is a prerequisite in establishing trust throughout the notary ecosystem that Fednot is continuing to develop. “From their legal background, notaries attach a great deal of importance to data protection and privacy regulations such as GDPR,” Jolien Jans concluded. “For TrustBuilder, it’s really a quality seal to play such a crucial role in our overall IT architecture.”