inWebo secures the WiZVi e-Health application

WiZVi (Doktorpocket company) is an application that connects patients and practitioners on their healthcare journey. From its conception, Wizvi chose to meet legal requirements of access security with inWebo MFA solution.


Changes in the use of technology has transformed Healthcare: the digitisation of patient records and the multiplication of e-health services are examples of these transformations.

As health information is becoming easily accessible it is nevertheless sensitive data relating to patient privacy. A simple password is no longer enough to protect this data. Highly vulnerable, the risk is that these confidential data may be publicly exposed.

WiZVi's needs

WiZVi seeks to reassure end-users about the confidentiality of their shared medical information, without adding additional constraints such as heavy management and complexity of passwords.


The legal corpus that regulates IT security in the healthcare sector is quite significant; among others, the PGSSI-S requires the use of a strong authentication solution to protect sensitive data.

"The inWebo solution is easy to implement via a simple API. The inWebo teams were very reactive and we were able to implement it with peace of mind. Everything is ready for the compliance to the RGPD within the framework of the PGSSI-S".

"We helped the client and its partner to natively integrate security into the e-health application. This security-by-design is now an essential part of medical applications".


TrustBuilder and Doktorpoket (WiZVi) worked hand in hand from the conception of the application in order to secure the access to personal health data and meet the regulationsPGSSI-S.

The solution TrustBuider integrated into the WiZVi application allows practitioners and pharmacists to access their patient’s file from the application in complete security. The system verifies the accreditation of the practitioner’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone) in a non-intrusive and natural way. The user will be able to enter his code which will generate a transparent one-time password, known only by the application.

High protection of health data

ANSSI Certification

Compliance with regulations PGSSI-S

Flexibility, simple integration

Simple login experience

About Doktorpocket / WIZVI

Founded in 2014 by a general practitioner, Doktorpocket was aimed at simplifying the activity of healthcare professionals and facilitating the patient’s journey. Wizvi currently connects more than 40,000 patients to 4,500 pharmacies and more than 10,000 doctors. This also improves medical compliance thanks to a simple, secure medication reminder tool.

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