websights Printemps Group secured its VPN and cloud apps with TrustBuilder

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How the Printemps Group secured its VPN and cloud applications with TrustBuilder

Most cyber-attacks originate in the theft and fraudulent use of identification data. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is an effective response, provided that the level of security offered by the solution is not compromised. TrustBuilder is committed to continuous innovation to guarantee the highest possible level of security, without compromising either the user experience or the ease of integration and deployment of its solution.

Eager to upgrade an aging technology that was securing its VPN accesses, the Printemps group, one of France’s leading fashion, luxury, beauty and lifestyle retailers, seized the opportunity to deploy a strong authentication solution in SaaS mode. The solution was designed to protect all its Cloud applications (O365, collaborative tools, HR applications, etc.), as well as its VPN access. One of the challenges was to cover a heterogeneous, more or less technophile population (office workers, sales staff and external service providers). With TrustBuilder’s MFA building block, the 4500 users of the Printemps group now have a unified, simple and secure connection path.


Printemps strengthens its security infrastructure

The multifactor authentication solution protecting the Printemps group’s VPN access was gradually becoming obsolete. Operating in the retail sector – a prime target for attackers – the group decided to call on TrustBuilder to reinforce its security infrastructures. This choice was also motivated by the desire to prevent phishing and Brute Force attacks, which are on the increase with the democratization of teleworking.

The request was therefore to implement an effective solution to enable the Printemps group’s many users to benefit from secure VPN and non-VPN access.

A complete, modular solution

The Printemps group chose TrustBuilder’s multifactor authentication (MFA) solution because of its modularity. Indeed, thanks to this solution coupled with Printemps’ ADFS, it is possible to customize the activation or deactivation of the MFA according to the network used, the user group or the application concerned. A flexible model that adapts to specific business needs and provides enhanced security without compromising the user experience.

Simplicity of use for safety

Alix de Nadaillac

CTO - Production Manager, Groupe Printemps

"The TrustBuilder SaaS solution offers great ease of implementation and use."

Users can take full advantage of all its features, thanks to easy configuration on the TrustBuilder and ADFS sides. The solution can also be deployed progressively, using Active Directory (AD) groups. This simplicity is further enhanced by the use of pop-ups at the time of connection, on both PC and smartphone versions. “For the Printemps Group, TrustBuilder was the ideal option for strengthening the security of our data and systems”, explains Alix.

Solution deployment

The TrustBuilder solution was deployed in the following stages:

Step 1

Setting up TrustBuilder & ADFS

Step 2

Configure ADFS to determine the services to be protected by the MFA

Step 3

Communication with users to inform them of the solution’s implementation

Step 4

Enrolling and activating the MFA

  • Integration of users in a group that sends the enrolment e-mail
  • Integration of users in a group that enables MFA activation
The Printemps group wanted to extend the TrustBuilder solution to its Office 365 tools, VPN access and also to all its SaaS-accessible applications and sites that may contain sensitive information. These include, for example, Human Resources solutions and reporting tools. Applications and sites containing no sensitive information, however, have not been integrated into the solution.


The results are very positive. Ease of use and activation have contributed to the successful implementation of the TrustBuilder strong authentication solution. Only one incident has been reported since its activation almost 3 years ago. In short: a stable, easy-to-use solution that enhances the user experience.

About Groupe Printemps

Founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, the Printemps group is one of France’s leading fashion, luxury and beauty retailers, with 20 department stores in France. With its 9 Citadium stores, the group is also active in the lifestyle segment.

The Printemps group has also become a key e-commerce player with Printemps.com, launched in 2020, Citadium.com and also Place des Tendances, the fashion and beauty e-boutique acquired in 2013, and Made in design, the European leader in online sales of designer furniture, lighting and home decoration, acquired in 2019.

With over 3,500 brands and a total surface area of 180,000 m², the Group employs 3,000 people with a unique sense of service.