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INA protects its audiovisual heritage and remote accesses with the following technology inWebo

The French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) archives a vast audiovisual collection of 3 petabytes and delivers sequences to TV news channels in less than 30 minutes. Its protection and the integrity of these transmissions are priorities. Namely within the framework of home office extended to all professions.



Transmission and innovation are the fundamental missions of the INA with, in particular, audiovisual archiving, training and distribution to professionals.

As the records were analogue, the INA started a digitisation phase in 1999. It was essential for them to restore and digitize all their archives. Results of the project? More than one million hours have been digitised, targeting professionals, i.e. more than 100 years of viewing, and some 50,000 hours destined to the general public.


The challenge was to ensure the security of all these archives as well as their integrity. If not, INA’s image and business would be tarnished.

The IT system is at the heart of all of INA’s businesses. It employs almost 200 people. As support, two datacenters and a very high-speed network provide rich content to internal teams and to the press.

INA's needs

Following the digitisation of their database, it was crucial for INA to secure access to the IT system. Indeed, home office increased the risk of data breach.

INA wanted a complete security solution that could be perfectly integrated into their new IT architecture.

"We wanted to get rid of the weaknesses of traditional passwords. Now a temporary password is transmitted directly to the access portal via a push system. No input is required on the user side."


The INA benefits from increased security thanks to strong authenticationinWebo delivered in SaaS mode and providing a software token to the employee’s mobile phone (iOS or Android).

No more vulnerabilities related to traditional passwords. A temporary password is now directly transmitted via a push system to the access portal and no input is required on the end-user side.

The solution was easily adopted due to its simplicity and rapid implementation. Moreover, INA can now benefit from access tracking. Therefore, during a risk analysis phase, INA will be able to detect unusual behaviour and help identify security incidents.

Audiovisual Asset Protection

Secure mobile access

Simple integration

Simple login experience


About INA

The French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) is in charge of archiving audiovisual productions, as well as producing, editing and transferring audiovisual and multimedia content for all audiences, professionals and citizens, whatever the type of screen.

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