Everything you always wanted to know about personas* (*but were afraid to ask)

TrustBuilder fundamentally implements the model of ‘every user has one and only one profile’, even if the person has different subscription accounts and even when the person works with different mandates or in different capacities. To enable this, TrustBuilder introduced its persona model. A user profile in TrustBuilder can embody one or more ‘personas’. In […]

Financial Aggregation is a win-win for both banks and customers

Do you find it strange that you can consult the balance of your account via a competing bank in your standard banking app? Open banking and financial aggregation or bank account aggregation are the terms to remember, as this is just the beginning of how financial aggregation and digital banking ecosystems are set to change […]

Towards Smartphoneless authentication

Smartphones have long been recommended for the convenience they offer, and there’s no denying their tremendous impact on the user experience. As part of a multi-factor authentication solution, while they may be a popular choice, experience has shown that they may not be the most secure way to protect your systems and data. Let’s take […]

Why Passwordless MFA and Cyber Insurance are a perfect match

With rising numbers of cyber threats and attacks, cyber insurance is facing unprecedented demand. The insurance industry has had to rethink its approach – resulting in higher premiums and a far more risk averse approach to coverage eligibility. This has taken the shape of an insistence on extra layers of security – or multi-factor authentication […]

How to protect your MFA against phishing attacks based on reverse-proxy tools

Growing adoption of multifactor authentication (MFA) has inspired phishing actors to develop even more sophisticated solutions to further their malicious operations, including reverse proxy tools. Though there is one missing piece of information to highlight: it is not only the MFA solutions, but the tokens themselves that do not have the same characteristics and level […]

Mapping of the Cyberdefense Landscape: Solutions to combine with MFA

Cyberdefense is an ever-changing landscape. Each player has its own specialities, its own specificities and ultimately its own area of expertise. For a complete protection of your infrastructure, it is key to be fully equipped with a set of tools and services. Each of them has a specific role to play, whether it is for […]

SSO and MFA : The Guide to Overcoming Security Limits

When talking about SSO and MFA, some may get mixed up, or perhaps don’t fully understand the added value of combining both of them. Single sign-on (SSO) is all about users gaining access to different apps with a single authentication. As for multifactor authentication (MFA), it adds a layer of security upon authentication to verify […]

Introducing Zero Implicit Trust security

Mobile and cloud have rendered the ‘castle and moat’ security model obsolete. Rather than trusting everything that happens on the inside of the perimeter, we should now adopt a policy of ‘never trust, always verify’. And as the author of this long read, Carlo Schupp, argues, ‘Zero Implicit Trust’ would be a better name. Implementing […]

21 questions to ask your CIAM vendor

Choosing a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system is not something you do on an impulse. CIAM is a crosscutting component in your application architecture. Over the years, CIAM has grown in importance and moved from being a technological component to an enabler and driver of business strategy. All the more reason to choose […]