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You need technical support and can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ?

Keep in mind that TrustBuilder cannot provide direct support to the end users of its solution for security and confidentiality reasons. Contact the support of the organization that opened your account and gave you your access codes.

If you’re a partner or direct customer of TrustBuilder you can contact our support team.

You can’t create a profile TrustBuilder.io Multi-factor Authenticator yourself and associate it with your accounts – it’s up to the organizations managing those accounts to do that for you. For example, your company creates a profile for you to access your business applications, and your bank allows you to authenticate to its online banking application.

The organization that creates your profile will provide you with an activation code. This can be a numeric code or a clickable link in an email sent by your organization. TrustBuilder does not have access to this information.

If you haven’t received an activation code or email, first check your junk mail (spam) folder. If you still can’t find it, you should contact the organization that created your profile TrustBuilder.io Mobile Authenticator directly. This can be the IT support team, a customer support hotline or other depending on the organization.

If you can no longer access your TrustBuilder account, you must contact the organization that created your profile directly. Please do not contact us for this, we are unfortunately unable to respond to support inquiries from end users.

You are an integrator / developer and you have a technical question?

TrustBuilder provides a specific website with practical tools and guides to facilitate (even more) the integration of our multi-factor authentication solution to your applications.


Documentation and tutorials to guide you in integrating TrustBuilder.io Multi-factor Authenticator (MFA) into your architecture.

Integrator kit

Resource files and sample code to integrate the InWebo Web Services API in your desired language.


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