websights TrustBuilder ISO 27001 Certification

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Information security management

In January 2022, TrustBuilder Corporation NV was awarded the ISO27001 certificate.
To our customers, this delivers proof that we, as a mission-critical partner, conform to ISO27001.

Worldwide standard for information security

Many of our customers work in a regulated environment or in industries that manage a lot of sensitive data, and where the appetite for risk is low. Our customers hold financial information, hr information or other personal information. That’s why we have always placed the highest value on information security management.

With ISO27001, we can guarantee our customers that information security is embedded in every aspect of what we do, from developing IAM solutions to implementing them at our customers and delivering professional services to support them.

TrustBuilder’s current ISO27001 certification is valid until 2025, but is audited on a yearly basis. 

We are currently engaged in getting the entire TrustBuilder organization certified.