Your new chapter starts here!

As a young but growing company, TrustBuilder offers plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Whether you are an experienced security professional, a passionate all-round IT worker or a complete novice, TrustBuilder is a great place to improve your skills and grow your experience.


Who is TrustBuilder

IAM market evolution

Financial services firms are involved in a competitive race to offer the broadest and most relevant set of services to their customers, differentiating them from the next bank. The same applies for insurance companies, airlines and even HR services companies. To beat the market, these companies need solutions that deliver instant and seamless connectivity to Service Providers and Identity Providers. contains a large portfolio of connections out of the box. This allows fast go-to-market and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

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TrustBuilder USPs


TrustBuilder delivers end-to-end solutions: TrustBuilder Suite supports a vast array of capabilities such as Multi-factor Authentication, Single Sign-on, Federated authentication, adaptive authentication, etc.

Customer Experience

We orchestrate user access and security across integrated applications, resulting in a seamless customer experience. Sometimes companies have to choose between airtight security and ultimate customer experience. TrustBuilder delivers both.

Digital ecosystem support

We make it easy for companies to add extra services to their existing ecosystem. offers a marketplace of services where companies can pick and choose the services they want to connect. On top of that, delivers connections to a host of Identity Providers.

Time to market

TrustBuilder comes with out-of-the-box functionality, industry expertise and connections to Identity Providers and Service Providers. This enables fast initial deployment and the addition of new services and applications in days rather than months.


TrustBuilder Suite consists of two products: TrustBuilder ID Hub and

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TrustBuilder ID Hub is the world’s most flexible Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to accelerate the digital transformation and the development of ecosystems of organizations with a large community of retail customers.

Enabeling digital ecosystems with consists of a catalog of services that developers can easily add to their existing IAM framework. comes with a vast set of connections to service providers and identity providers and is available on a subscription basis.

TrustBuilder ID Hub can be implemented on premise or hosted in the cloud. TrustBuilder Suite customers can implement as an extension in the cloud to their local implementation of TrustBuilder ID Hub, or as a standalone deployment.

TrustBuilder for Mobile offers complementary capabilities for TrustBuilder for Mobile Authentication is a Multi-factor Authentication solution for mobile users.

Why you will like it at TrustBuilder

Start a career at TrustBuilder, and you will get to work with great technology, great customers and a bunch of great colleagues. To top all that, you will also experience nice offices in a top environment.


TrustBuilder offers a culture where we value quality over quantity, and where you can develop yourself both as a specialist in your field and as a team player. We share and document our knowledge so you can learn on a constant basis. We offer plenty of opportunities for self-study and learning. Throughout your career at TrustBuilder, we will let you grow, and make you grow.

Top technology

TrustBuilder is unique in the IAM market for a number of reasons. Our open architecture allows connectivity to a host of third-party solutions, Service Providers and Identity Providers. We support all standards and protocols and use the latest and greatest tools to build, maintain and monitor our software. At TrustBuilder, you will learn every day.

Top customers

Customers like KBC, SD Worx, Argenta, Allianz, FedNot and many others are large and forward-thinking enterprises. They come up with challenging solutions that require a robust IAM infrastructure. Working with these customers will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. This will make you grow as a person, but even more as an IT professional.

Top colleagues

At TrustBuilder, you will find an amazing variety of colleagues, with different degrees of experience, but with all one focus: helping our customers by offering them quality product and services. Each and every one of them can work independently but are always great team players, communicating with each other and documenting their work so anyone can follow up.

Top environment

Our offices are on the third floor of the brand new d’Office building on The Loop, close the Flanders Expo in Ghent. The building offers a great working atmosphere and opportunities to relax. d’Office is easily accessible by car and conveniently close to the E40 and E17 highways. Public transport is just a 5-minute walk from the office. And for the lovers of Swedish furniture and köttbullar: IKEA is a close neighbor.


Flexibility is a two-way street at TrustBuilder. We demand flexibility of anyone who works for us – that is a common trait of any start-up or scale-up. But we also offer flexibility, for instance when it comes to working remotely.

Our values

At TrustBuilder we take our values seriously.

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Anyone working for TrustBuilder is committed. Committed to delivering the best possible solution to our customers. Committed to building quality software. Committed to the financial results of TrustBuilder. And committed to helping and supporting their colleagues.


TrustBuilder works as one team. Across divisions, across functions, across seniority: everyone works towards the same goals. Helping colleagues whenever required, exchanging experience and know how is in the DNA of everyone at TrustBuilder.


Hard work and great products deliver success. And we celebrate our successes. In our regular townhalls and during company meetings, we share great stories and new wins in an informal atmosphere.

Who are we looking for?

Whatever your level of experience, TrustBuilder has a job that fits your skills and talents and will allow you to grow and further your career.

Experienced professionals

As a seasoned security expert, you will find a challenge in working with demanding customers that want to get maximum value out of our product. You can help develop our product on different levels, further raising the level of quality of TrustBuilder.

Young talent

You have just left school or are you spending your last months before graduation? Contact us to see what opportunities we have for you. TrustBuilder has a culture of exchanging knowledge. Your experienced colleagues are waiting to train you and educate you on the job. We also have career opportunities for management trainees.