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About us

TrustBuilder protects identities and streamlines access to digital environments. Discover who we are, what our vision is, and how we turn that vision into reality.

Who we are

TrustBuilder delivers frictionless customer experience and airtight security throughout the digital journeys of consumers, employees, partners, and machines. Our SaaS cybersecurity solution allows companies to acquire new customers, grow revenue, and reduce costs. As a European player in Identity and Access Management (IAM), data privacy and compliance with global, regional, and local regulations are inseparable in our DNA.

Our vision

As citizens, businesses, governments, and organizations turn more and more to the web to conduct their daily operations, manage their money transfers, and store their information, Identities are now the cornerstones of digital transformation. As such, secure access to digital and mobile environments is turning into a fundamental right. Rigorous identity management protects data, reputation, and assets and enables businesses to prosper. With its robust IAM solution, TrustBuilder provides enterprises with the agility to securely adapt to the changing business landscape.

What we do

TrustBuilder delivers a comprehensive set of building blocks to secure the digital enterprise. Our IAM platform ensures secure interactions for customers, employees, and machines alike. The modules in the TrustBuilder IAM framework cater to the needs of multiple use cases such as Single Sign-on, Multi-Factor Authentication, Passwordless Authentication, Federated Identity, Identity Verification, Identity Provisioning, Know Your Customer, Persona Selection and Management, Delegated Administration, Progressive Profiling… We make life easy for system administrators by offering a low-code/no-code environment and we empower users through self-service capabilities.


When inWebo and TrustBuilder merged in early 2022, a cybersecurity powerhouse was created, bringing together technology leaders in the fields of Multi-factor Authentication and Customer Identity and Access Management. Backed by Essling Expansion, TrustBuilder combines financial stability, technical excellence, and industry knowledge, turning the company into the first 100% SaaS pan-European buy & build platform in cybersecurity software. By pooling expertise and resources, our product development teams build a more comprehensive and powerful solution that offers customers and partners an even higher level of protection. The combined direct and indirect sales channels in different regions ensure a broad range of customers can benefit from the TrustBuilder platform.


TrustBuilder is a great place to work for any professional looking to grow their career and their skill sets. Both young graduates and experienced security professionals will find a stimulating environment at TrustBuilder. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing areas in the IT industry and caters to a real need in the market. By working at TrustBuilder, you will help organizations in any industry and of any size protect their digital assets.

You will get to develop, market, or sell top-notch security solutions to a diverse set of customers across all industries and work with a bunch of driven security specialists. Check out what working at TrustBuilder looks like by reading our ‘A day in the life’-series of articles.



In January 2022, TrustBuilder Corporation NV was awarded the ISO27001 certificate.
To our customers, this delivers proof that we, as a mission-critical partner, conform to ISO27001. ISO27001 is the worldwide standard for information security management. With ISO27001, we can guarantee our customers that information security is embedded in every aspect of what we do, from developing solutions to implementing them for our customers and delivering professional services to support them.

We are currently engaged in getting the entire TrustBuilder organization certified.

You can download our ISO27001 certificate here

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