SecurIT is a market leading supplier in the Identity & Access Management space across the world. Based on years of experience with requirements of large organisations, SecurIT has developed its software product TrustBuilder® as add-on to its partner solutions or as stand-alone offerings.

In the BeNeLux SecurIT is the system integrator for Identity & Access Management solutions, with a focus on the IBM and CyberArk portfolio.

On a worldwide basis, SecurIT licenses TrustBuilder directly to end-users or through selected partners and provides on-going maintenance and support, either directly or indirectly.

TrustBuilder is a powerful Identity Hub, providing brokerage between modern cloud and legacy architectures. Authentication and Authorization decisions are based on Policies and info obtained at Runtime – not Static Access Controls. It is capable of selecting the appropriate Identity Provider, based on various parameters, such as:

  • Service provider requirements
  • User and device Information
  • Contextual information and risk analysis

It plays a key role in the Security Infrastructure at some of the largest institutions across the world, serving nearly 35 million users.