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Comalatech chooses inWebo Authenticator to manage the electronic signature of documents within Atlassian Confluence

Comalatech has chosen to integrate inWebo Authenticator (now known as TrustBuilder Authenticator) to manage their electronic signature tool within Atlassian Confluence. From now on, their users will be able to sign their electronic documents in a more simple and fluid way with a MFA passwordless providing the highest level of security on the market.


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inWebo Authenticator secures and simplifies Comalatech's electronic signature tool

Comalatech, leading vendor in the Atlassian Marketplace and developing apps for both Confluence and Jira, offers electronic signature functionality via Comala Document Management and Comala Document Control.

Recently, Comalatech chose inWebo Authenticator to manage their electronic signature tool. From now on, Comalatech users may sign their electronic documents more in a user-friendly way, using passwordless authentication tokens based on a SaaS MFA technology providing the highest level of security on the market.


“Thanks to inWebo’s ease of integration, all it took was a reasonably short development and testing cycle to go live on March 1st, 2021.”

Mike Rink, Marketing Manager, Comalatech

“With this integration, Comalatech users will benefit from a passwordless and ultra-secure MFA solution using inWebo’s random dynamic keys patented technology. A key feature to meet compliance requirements while simplifying e-signature user experience.”

Daniel Baloche, USA Cybersecurity Sales Manager, TrustBuilder