websights Cloud Security: achived with MFA and Zero Trust

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MFA and Zero Trust: The Two Pillars of Cloud Security

Operating in the Cloud has become the new standard for organizations. But if you’re going for Cloud solutions, don’t be fooled by the idea that your data is safe. It is important to invest in Cloud Security.


Digital Transformation needs Cloud Security

To meet today’s global remote challenges while ensuring your business is ready for the next generation of workers, you must provide modern digital workplaces. As digital transformation requires an agile IT infrastructure, many companies across industries are moving their applications to cloud platforms. In fact, it seems that the Cloud has become one of the main locations for businesses to store data.

As a reminder, cloud computing is the on-demand availability of IT services (including servers, storage, databases, network management, software, analysis tools, artificial intelligence) via the internet (the cloud).

Why companies are moving to Cloud computing

Cloud computing offers modern businesses advantages.

Cost efficiency

Eliminates the need to invest in hardware and software, and to configure and manage on-site data centres. Besides, Cloud providers typically use a “pay-as-you-go” model which can come in very handy.


Simplifies data backup, recovery and business continuity. It makes these activities less expensive, as data can be mirrored across multiple redundant sites within the provider’s network.


Enhances flexibility and mobility as it allows users to access data anywhere and from any device.

Team Collaboration

Promotes collaboration as users can access, edit and share documents in real time giving them full visibility of their collaborations.

Whole new world of possibilities

Offers a wide range of services, available on a self-service and on-demand basis, without the need to possess the resources and skills that would have been necessary to create such services.

Cloud Security is the new Cyber Security

Each year, more and more companies are migrating to the cloud, and the number of cyber attacks is increasing, as if they were keeping pace. Hence, it is a mistake to think that the data in the cloud is safe.

92% of all organizations have stolen cloud credentials for sale on the Dark Web - McAfee Report 2018

Data in the cloud is more exposed to attacks and breaches than companies think. The majority of the threats to data in the cloud result from compromised accounts. Although some Cloud computing vendors offer a security solution for their services (Salesforce Authenticator, Microsoft Azure MFA, Google Authenticator) it is not always the most efficient.

Cybersecurity is not just about IT security but it should also include user experience for end-users, just like for IT teams too. Investing in Cloud Security means contributing to the agility and flexibility of the organization to optimize its operations.