The big shift in HR services

The HR services industry is undergoing a series of disruptive changes. These trends have an impact on HRTech, as the recent HR Technology 2021: The Definitive Guide by analyst Josh Bersin shows. It is interesting to see that the move towards ecosystems and marketplaces that we see in the US, is also a global phenomenon.

New successes for TrustBuilder in Gulf region

TrustBuilder’s activities in the Gulf region are beginning to bear fruit. Multiple banks and telecom service providers are using the most recent version of our IAM platform Suite to authenticate their users with government Identity Providers (IdPs), while up to 15 banks are planning to join the platform the coming months.

Zero Trust: my cloud is my castle

IAM solutions like Suite are uniquely positioned to implement the Zero Trust principle and defend organizations against threats.

Bye bye banking as usual

Digital banking ecosystems

Consumers are open to the offerings of FinTech players, but they are also remarkably loyal to traditional banks. Digital technology helps all parties.

Strategic choices for insurance in the digital age

Strategic choices voor insurance

A recent report from McKinsey & Company, ‘The Future of Life Insurance’ lists the challenges of the past few years: premium growth that does not match GDP, depressed global interest rates that impact profits, etc. Yet McKinsey sees an upside too: emerging markets in Asia have become growth drivers, and insurers are making progress in using advanced […]

A day in the life of a TrustBuilder developer

A day in the life of a TrustBuilder developer

“Whenever I see a button, I want to push it and see what happens,” says Brecht Yperman, senior software developer at TrustBuilder. From his teens, he had a keen interest in technology, and he is still very passionate about what it can achieve.

Monizze joins growing marketplace

Monizze partner

Monizze, issuer of electronic meal, eco, gift, sport/culture and consumption vouchers, has joined the ranks of Service Providers in the marketplace. By partnering with TrustBuilder, the Monizze voucher information can now be consulted by millions of potential users (after giving their consent) of TrustBuilder’s authentication and access management platform.