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The right information at the right time,
for the right user

Unlock access to information or applications only to the user who is entitled to it. Make us of contextual information to determine who can perform what transactions or operations. Strengthen your security strategy with strong policies based on the user attributes and personas provided by the platform to grant only the right people access to valuable resources.

Contextual Authentication

Strengthen your security by relying on contextual variables

Use contextual information (time, IP address, location…) about the user before granting them access to applications or resources. Build strong policies that take both the context and the sensitivity of data and applications into account. Define what authentication method is most appropriate in what context.


Fine-grained authorization

Use all possible information for ultimate data security

Enrich the policies that drive the authorization with information from internal and external resources. Hide the complexity for the user to enhance customer experience. Refine the levels of authorization by using attributes about the user.

Policy enforcement

Strong policies determine your security stance

Easily build workflows and policies to ensure that the right people get the right level of access to data and applications. Define what resources users get access to in strong policies that are continually fed with internal and external information in order to eliminate risk and prevent fraud.  Demand step-up verification when users want to perform activities or transactions their current level does not allow.