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Argenta signs long-term partnership with TrustBuilder

Antwerp, Ghent, September 6, 2022 – Banking and insurance group Argenta has broken open its existing contracts with TrustBuilder. For the next five years, Belgium’s fifth largest bank will continue to protect its applications for customers with TrustBuilder’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution. The new five-year contract has a value of 2 million euros.

Argenta and TrustBuilder have been partners in securing access to Argenta’s digital banking and insurance channels for 4 years. Argenta chose TrustBuilder because it wanted to offer customers a choice between various authentication options, such as Digipass, itsme or a mobile authenticator. By supporting Single Sign-on, Argenta provides its customers with the same user experience across all digital channels (web, mobile) and protects both cloud applications and those hosted locally.

This summer, Argenta decided to continue working with TrustBuilder’s IAM solution for the next five years. One of the agreements made was that Argenta would switch to TrustBuilder.io, the cloud-native version of TrustBuilder, within this contract period. Other TrustBuilder customers also recently decided to start their migration to the cloud.

“We have been supporting Argenta in accelerating their digital transformation for some time,” says TrustBuilder CEO Frank Hamerlinck. “By partnering with us now for another five years, Argenta confirms the close partnership between our companies. At the same time, Argenta assures itself of a future in which they are prepared for all evolutions in the financial services market. For customers like Argenta, it is particularly important that we know the European market well, support all local authentication methods and are so close to our customers that we think along with them. “

“In recent years, we have worked very well and closely with TrustBuilder. We are very satisfied with the services they provide us and, in particular, with the professionalization they have gone through internally,” says Veronique Boudin, Manager Integrations at Argenta. “TrustBuilder allows us to combine strong security with an optimal user experience. This is very important to our customers. Moreover, the priorities and roadmap of the TrustBuilder.io platform align very strongly with our current and future plans, making a long-term partnership very natural and advantageous for our business,” adds Marleen De Pauw, Director of IT shared services.