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TrustBuilder (formerly inWebo) renews ANSSI certification for its multifactor authentication technology

TrustBuilder, formerly known as inWebo Technologies, is proud to announce that it has obtained the re-certification of its MFA solution by ANSSI, the French national information systems security agency.

This CSPN (Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau) certification, first obtained in 2012, is now also recognized by the German agency BSI, enabling TrustBuilder to benefit from it on the German market.

ANSSI Certification header

CSPN certification attests that a security product has passed a security evaluation conducted by an accredited evaluation center. It consists of “black box” tests carried out under time and deadline constraints.

By passing these tests, TrustBuilder confirms that its solutions meet the 2023 security standards. On the strength of this latest success, the company now offers the best authentication technologies to customers of its identity and customer journey management (CIAM) platform.

TrustBuilder also holds the France Cybersecurity label, which distinguishes cybersecurity solutions and services of French origin. The label is designed to promote French cybersecurity solutions and services to end-users, particularly government agencies and operators of vital importance.

With the validation of ANSSI, TrustBuilder renews its commitment to providing its 500 customers in Europe with the highest level of security. Against a backdrop of ever-increasing account and identity theft attacks, this certification takes on its full meaning and provides essential security value for the company’s customers. CSPN certification is particularly important, enabling TrustBuilder to provide state-of-the-art services to the most sensitive sectors in Europe, in areas such as banks, hospitals, digital and administrative services. “TrustBuilder is proud of its unwavering commitment to its customers and partners over the past ten years. Our vision of cybersecurity at the highest level of protection, without sacrificing the user experience, is now complemented and reinforced by the TrustBuilder.io platform which, by orchestrating the entire customer journey, from identity verification to authentication and authorization management, offers a fluid experience adaptable to all activities”, says Olivier Perroquin, President of TrustBuilder.