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TB Access Manager, Your Tailored Solution

TB Access Manager, integrated into the SaaS platform, offers “haute couture” management of external identities with unparalleled security and efficiency, best fit for hybrid environments.

Customer IAM (CIAM)

Improve customer access with seamless registration, authentication, and profile management for secure and user-friendly interactions.

Access Orchestration

Efficiently manage access across systems and resources, ensuring smooth integration and optimized workflows.

Identity Verification

Confidently verify user identities, securing access to sensitive information with advanced authentication methods.


Implement policy-based access control mechanisms to enforce granular access policies, ensuring alignment with organizational requirements.

User Onboarding

Simplify registration, ensuring new users provide necessary information and receive appropriate access privileges aligned with your policies.


Delegate access rights securely within the organization, granting specific and temporary permissions to members while maintaining control.

Federated Identity

Enable seamless access to multiple systems by allowing users to authenticate once with corporate credentials through federated identity management.

Identity proofing

Thoroughly authenticate user identities, safeguarding against fraud and ensuring access control integrity.

Covers all users

Securing Access. Streamlining Journeys.


Easily oversee and optimize your customers’ digital journey, ensuring user-friendly authentication and delivering personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Enhance workforce satisfaction and productivity while easing administrative burden by implementing simplified access management for all employees to essential tools and resources.


Strengthen collaborative relationships by granting secure access to relevant resources without the hassle of synchronizing centralized identities, fostering cooperation and mutual success.


Enhance Trust. Amplify Success.

Highly Customizable

Customize your access management strategy to your needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability with workflows and connectors.

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Hybrid Environment Management

Manage identities seamlessly across both legacy and cloud environments, ensuring flexibility and continuity.

Exclusive Persona Model

Leverage a unique framework in the market, elevating access management control to new standards.

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Flexible Administration

Efficiently manage identities with a flexible administration interface, minimizing operational overhead.

European SaaS Solution

Ensure compliance with stringent European regulations and maintain data sovereignty with our European SaaS solution.

Zero Trust Implementation

Adopt a continuous verification approach to ensure security at every stage of access, implementing a robust Zero Trust model.

What you get

Featured Product

TB Persona

Unlock the potential of tailored access rights and permissions, allowing users to utilize a single profile for multiple roles and activities within your ecosystem. See more

TB Workflow

Easily orchestrate interactions between various systems thanks to an intuitive Workflow Editor, enhancing operational efficiency. See more

TrustBuilder ID

Verify the identity of your users securely, using document authentication or by integrating with IdPs, while ensuring KYC compliance. See more

ISO27001 certified

TB Access Manager is ISO27001 certified, ensuring rigorous information security standards. This certification assures customers in regulated industries, handling sensitive data such as financial and HR information, of our commitment to safeguarding their data effectively.

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Compliance made easy

  • GDPR Compliance
  • NIS2 Compliance
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • PSD2 & PSD3 Regulation
  • Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)


They Chose TB Access Manager to Strengthen and Simplify Access Management

We find it important to provide our own identity to other applications that are not necessarily controlled by us. When we are part of a larger process, we want to be a trusted party in that entire flow.

Dominique Walravens

Solutions and Lead Architect

The flexibility of is a major bonus for us. It supports not only standard protocols, but proprietary protocols too. We can authenticate all our applications, even the legacy ones.

Wim Adam

Web System Engineer at SD Worx

TrustBuilder provides role-specific authentication and SSO, ensuring access to entitled applications. It enables easy addition of new applications and future authentication methods under consistent security policies.

Philippe Mermuys

Information Security Officer


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I integrate TB Access Manager with existing identity management systems?

Yes, TB Access Manager offers universal integrations, allowing seamless integration with standard connectors to reduce implementation time and complexity. It is also designed to seamlessly manage identities in both legacy and cloud environments, ensuring continuity and flexibility.

Can TB Access Manager be used for internal identities?

Yes, TB Access Manager is designed to manage both internal (IAM) and external identities (CIAM) effectively, whether it’s employees, customers, partners or contractors.

How customizable is TB Access Manager?

TB Access Manager offers a “haute couture” customizable approach, allowing you to tailor access management controls according to your organization’s specific requirements and preferences.

Does TB Access Manager comply with European data regulations?

Yes, TB Access Manager is a European SaaS solution that ensures data sovereignty and compliance with stringent European regulations (GDPR, NIS2, PSD2, PSD3, DORA, etc.)

What is the price/subscription model for TB Access Manager?

The subscription model for TB Access Manager is based on a flexible and scalable pricing structure. It offers a subscription-based model tailored to the number of users or identities managed within the platform. This allows organizations to align their costs with their usage requirements and scale up or down as needed. Additionally, TrustBuilder provides transparent pricing plans with clear SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure a predictable and reliable service for its customers.