A step-by-step approach to cloud IAM

Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the most disruptive innovations of the century, so far. Cloud has changed the way we consume applications and has created a wealth of opportunities for improving customer experience. While making things simple at the front end, however, cloud computing brings a host of challenges in the back end, not least in the way security is organized. With TrustBuilder.io Suite, we are now making it easier on security professionals to organize Identity and Access Management (IAM) across the hybrid cloud.

Can you imagine a world without cloud computing? Without it, mobile applications would be nigh-on impossible, social media would be non-existent, collaborating in the COVID era would be quite difficult, and worst of all: there would be no Netflix or Spotify. Without cloud, we would still be living in the dark ages of IT. From an IAM standpoint, there would be no Federated Identity Management or Single Sign-on. And how on earth would banks be building digital ecosystems if there were no third-party services to connect to?

IAM and the hybrid cloud

Unfortunately, cloud computing did not only bring good news for the IT department. The more platforms opened up to the outside world, the bigger security challenges became. That is one of the reasons why most organizations are bringing applications to the cloud step-by-step. First to move to the cloud are less business-critical applications, while applications that are closest to the core business are often still kept on premise. This hybrid cloud situation will be here to stay for some time yet, although we believe that full cloud is the way to go over time. We’re already seeing many organizations taking a cloud-first approach, gradually replacing on-premise apps by cloud-native ones.

Hybrid cloud doesn’t make things easier. Some of the questions that keep IT awake it night: how do we integrate cloud apps with legacy systems? How do we integrate existing processes into the hybrid approach? How can we manage all these identity sources? How can we make our IAM scale? TrustBuilder.io Suite brings answers to these challenges.

How TrustBuilder.io Suite provides flexibility

TrustBuilder.io Suite comes with a catalog of services, hosted in the cloud, that provides connectivity to a multitude of Identity Providers (IdPs) and applications. The cloud is the most logical place to host this catalog of services. This allows us to constantly update the catalog with new IdPs and applications without forcing customers to do an upgrade.

We already offer connections to numerous IdPs, for instance government-driven identities such as itsme, eHerkenning, iDIN, France Connect and many others. Without this cloud model, companies would be forced to build these connections themselves, one by one. And to keep those connections updated whenever standards change. With TrustBuilder.io Suite, the connectivity work is limited to setting up the connection with TrustBuilder, and we handle the rest.

TrustBuilder.io Suite allows migration at the organization’s own pace

Organizations are moving apps to the cloud at their own pace, while keeping some strategically-critical ones on premise. TrustBuilder.io Suite supports that phased approach. Customers can choose to keep the security orchestration on premise, with a local implementation of TrustBuilder ID Hub, while using our catalog of services in the cloud, or decide to use the cloud version of TrustBuilder ID Hub. This flexibility supports companies throughout their digital transformation journey, regardless of what stage they’re at in the IAM maturity model. Our solution allows companies to enhance security and customer experience, for instance by offering passwordless authentication through TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator. Financial service companies can also connect to fraud detection engines or payment providers. As they move up the maturity model, TrustBuilder.io Suite provides connectivity to third-party services so they can either participate in a digital ecosystem or build an ecosystem around their own core services. All products inside TrustBuilder.io Suite are built on the same architecture, thus ensuring flexibility and providing investment protection.

Moving to the cloud is a major leap for companies and lifting and shifting the entire application stack at once verges on the impossible. Taking a gradual approach is the way to go. TrustBuilder.io Suite enables this step-by-step migration by building the bridge between on-premise and cloud security.


Frank Hamerlinck

Frank Hamerlinck

As co-founder of global trade management leader Porthus, customer experience platform NGDATA, and strategic consulting services company innacco, Frank embodies the entrepreneurial mindset. His 20+ years of ICT experience is complemented by his position as ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ at iMinds and coach at Netwerk Ondernemen.

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