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5 good reasons to visit Gartner’s IAM Summit, and TrustBuilder’s booth

Concerned about offering secure yet seamless access to digital assets? Chances are you’ll be visiting the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit that Gartner is hosting in London on March 6th and 7th. It goes without saying that TrustBuilder will be there too, so do come and visit our booth. We offer you five good reasons to do so.

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Over the past few years, the focus in IAM has moved from the A of Access to the I of Identity. “Identity is foundational to cybersecurity and the running of your business — from remote work to customer access,” says Gartner. That is reflected in the baseline of this year’s conference: ‘Beyond IAM: Enable Identity-First Security.’ According to Gartner, security and risk management leaders need to focus on consistency (using dynamic controls and access policies), context (risk-based access using contextual data), and continuity (not just defending the perimeter, but checking identity throughout the customer journey). In short: anyone out to establish a ‘zero-trust’ strategy needs to start with an identity-first approach. The IAM Summit – and the TrustBuilder booth – are a good place to learn all about identity.

Meet the new TrustBuilder

IAM Summit will be the first time that TrustBuilder and inWebo – who joined forces just over a year ago – will present themselves as an integrated company. With an even more complete platform to cover any need enterprises may have to secure their digital environments. So visit our booth and meet the new TrustBuilder. We encourage you to already book a meeting to discuss any IAM-related topic with us.

Get the newest trends on IAM in 2023

Cybersecurity and IAM are constantly evolving. The IAM Summit is a great place to hear the latest trends and developments from renowned experts, backed up by the client insights that Gartner has. Expect cutting-edge research, best practices, and insights from experts in the field.

Your colleagues are there too

Gartner IAM Summit is one of the top events on IAM in Europe, so London’s ‘Intercontinental Hotel – The O2’ will be a good place to network with other professionals in the industry. Visitors can learn from their peers in similar industries – and perhaps even more from peers in other industries, but where identity verification and identity management are just as crucial.

Keynotes, technical insight sessions, and presentations by practitioners: as an attendee, you can only grow your knowledge by absorbing all these speakers’ know-how. As the IAM Summit is a fairly small event, speakers will be easily accessible for follow-up discussions on Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Access Management, User Authentication, Identity Proofing, Multi-Factor Authentication, and many other topics.

Learn, learn, learn…
… and then learn some more

TrustBuilder COO Frank Hamerlinck is one of the speakers at the IAM Summit and will deliver a talk (March 7 at 1.30 p.m.) on ‘Navigating B2B2X Complexity with Identity-Centric Personas’. As customers, workforce, partners, and suppliers become increasingly intertwined, companies face the challenge of managing access for multiple mandates. In his talk, Frank will explain how you can tackle that challenge by combining different personas into a single user profile.

By allowing users to always authenticate with a single set of credentials, user experience is enhanced. Join his session and learn how our approach allows for effective management of customer, workforce, and partner data. Ensure compliance and security while reducing complexity and automate data removal when mandates end. Don’t miss this session and block out March 7th at 1.30 p.m. on your calendar.

See you in London!