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3 reasons why TrustBuilder is the most secure MFA solution

Multi-factor strong authentication, or MFA, is widely regarded as the best defense against the most common cyber attacks such as phishing or account spoofing. As a result, more and more organizations and businesses are integrating such a solution into their internal or external applications, especially when handling sensitive data.


It is no surprise, that MFA has become the target of specific hacking strategies, a trend recently picked up by the FBI who felt the need to warn US corporations against MFA-targeted attacks. The quality of the MFA solution is of utmost importance when deciding upon the MFA service provider. Victims of cyberattacks are starting to discover that not all MFA solutions are equals in terms of security and we will now explain why inWebo’s is the strongest and safest MFA solution currently on the market.


A (really) strong MFA solution involves advanced technology, mostly under the hood as the general goal is to keep the customer experience as smooth as possible. inWebo’s MFA solution relies on patented random dynamic keys on the user side and HSMs on the server side to protect user identities. The keys are used to generate one-time passwords (OTPs) on the client side whenever the user wants to connect to a service. These OTPs are analyzed server-side, in the highly secured environment provided by HSMs, to grant access, or not.

Several key features make this general process more secure than other solutions on the market. Here are the three major ones.

A solution MFA with zero life keys

First and foremost, our solution is secure because even if a hacker breaches the defenses and steals the user’s key, it will be useless. Remember that inWebo’s keys are random and dynamic. It means that they change randomly, each time the user connects to the service. But that is only a first line of defense. A changing key means that the hacker cannot steal it once and use it several times to impersonate the user.

Our unique and patented design implies that an inWebo key is randomly and dynamically changed exactly at the same moment as it is used to generate an OTP. Once used, it cannot be reused. In other words the useful lifetime of an inWebo key is exactly 0s. So if a hacker steals it, it will already have been used.

Highly secure offline mode

The second unique feature that makes inWebo’s MFA stand out from the competition is the fact that an offline mode is not only possible, but also as secure as the online mode. That is because our technology does not rely solely on cryptographic models. These are used of course to provide an advanced protection against the stealing of keys.

But our design does not rely on cryptography to secure the user identification. Instead it uses a highly advanced mathematical model that allows the server side to stay in sync with the user side even if there is no online connection between the client and the server at the time of the access request.

Elusive keys

The third major feature to secure the identification feature is the fact that inWebo’s keys are generated on the user side and are not transferred to the server side. In fact, the whole process is based on the autonomy of the user and the ability of the server to stay in sync without exchanging any information that, if intercepted, could be used to reverse engineer the security and breach the user identity.

Of course, you do not have to take our word for the fact that our solution is proofed against reverse engineering. First, it has been successfully evaluated and certified by the French government body in charge of cybersecurity (ANSSI). But for some of our most demanding customers, mostly banks, that was not enough. inWebo’s MFA solution has been and is regularly audited by financial institutions to test the strength of the solution against the constantly evolving cyberthreats landscape. To this day, our solution has stood up against all the stress tests.

Try it for yourself

Given the high level of security it offers, it is no wonder that inWebo’s MFA solution is used by more than 250 major companies to protect their key assets: customers, employees and partners.

On top of a second-to-none level of security, inWebo provides a seamless experience for the end-user as well as the customer in charge of the implementation. As such, we are in a perfect position to help our customers along the path to a secure and passwordless future.

Best of all, our solution is free to try and experiment with, no strings attached. We do not ask for a credit card or any kind of commercial commitment. Just fill the form and see for yourself.