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Seamless Access. Solid Trust.
Empowering a Secure Digital Future.

TrustBuilder empowers secure and efficient business operations. Our identity-centric Access Management enhances digital landscapes for employees, partners, and customers, leveraging advanced MFA and fully customizable CIAM technology.

How secure is your digital landscape?

Get rid of the dangers that threaten your cybersecurity

Operational friction and inefficiencies

Is user administration taking too much time of your IT staff? Does security harm productivity?

Find out how TrustBuilder helps you stay safe without passwords.

Customer experience - or security?

Are you tired of having to choose between a perfect customer experience and airtight security?

Check out how TrustBuilder offers you secure CX.

Compliancy and regulations

Do you know your customers? Can you verify their identity and secure your assets?

Check out how TrustBuilder keeps you on the right side of rules.

This is what you get from working with TrustBuilder

Zero Trust Security

Protect people and resources with continuous adaptive risk management

Zero Trust Security

Customer Experience

Allow your customers easy access to applications and resources

Customer Experience

Workforce Efficiency

Offer your coworkers frictionless access to all work-life applications

Workforce Efficiency v2

Easy Management

Automate user lifecycle management to reduce helpdesk costs and save valuable time

Easy Management

What makes TrustBuilder different from the rest?

Made in Europe v3

We are European!

We are an expert in the European market and offer connectivity to all European Identity Providers and applications.


Policy-based access control

Policy-based access control allows you to centrally manage policies, make changes dynamically and make these policies more fine-grained.


One person = one profile

Combining different personas into a single user profile enhances user experience and decreases the complexity of user administration.

Your colleagues already benefit from the TrustBuilder solution

Crédit Agricole Consumer secures and streamlines access to its sensitive services


IAM as the cornerstone for digitized processes and greater user experience at SD Worx


Frictionless login journey for BNP Paribas’ B2B corporate e-banking solution


Easy to use solution to protect access of all 4500 Printemps employees to a complex application landscape


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