TrustBuilder Server is a Versatile Authentication Server, which can easily be configured to fulfil the most complex requirements in terms of authentication.

Access Control

TrustBuilder adds the flexibility of selecting the appropriate context-based authentication and/or authorization mechanism: “Adaptive Access Control”

Identity Hub

  • Single Sign-On in a Cloud World, directing users and applications to the best matching Identity Provider


Mobile Token Services

  • Hardware token
  • Software/Web token
  • Mobile token
  • SMS token phone.

Enabling the Digital Enterprise transformation

Digital transformation has begun, and this requires an equally transformational approach to security.

Can you cope with pace of change?

Applications may be local or hosted by a wide variety of third parties. Enterprises rely on a vast network of business partners. People work and shop from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Managing a User's Identity in such an environment is increasingly delegated to external providers. Organizations need to embrace this evolution, yet maintaining control in-house.

This evolving environment requires a new style of Identity and Access Management, flexible enough to quickly adapt to ever changing requirements, without impacting the applications infrastructure in use and providing seamless access to mobile applications and cloud services from multiple platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Smooth migration is an essential aspect of such flexibility.

That's where TrustBuilder Identity Hub comes in.

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