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Scalable Access Management Platform leveraging advanced MFA and customizable CIAM to enhance digital experiences for employees, partners, and customers.

Tailor Made CIAM

Ultra Secure MFA

Businessman-typing-an-email-on-laptop-in-the-office Businessman-typing-an-email-on-laptop-in-the-office

Smartphoneless MFA

Implement MFA without requiring users to possess smartphones for authentication, thus prioritizing accessibility and ease of use.

Customizable CIAM

Streamline customer access to your applications with secure registration, authentication, and profile management tailored for user convenience.

Hybrid Environment Integration

Easily manage access in hybrid environments, combining on-premises and cloud infrastructures, to ensure consistent and efficient security.

Easy User Onboarding

Address the complexities of registration processes to ensure simple onboarding for users while simultaneously enhancing security measures.

Passwordless SaaS MFA

Ensure robust security for your applications with a passwordless SaaS MFA, safeguarding and streamlining user access to data.

Regulatory Compliance

Control and monitor access to sensitive personal, financial, and healthcare data to meet GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and PSD2 standards.

Employee Access Management

Streamline employee access rights management by assigning tailored permissions according to their roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Business Partners Access Control

Facilitate controlled access for business partners to your data, ensuring a balance between information security and productive collaborations.

Customer Journey Management

Offer a secure and smooth customer experience by effectively managing customer identities and access to your services and data.

Identity Federation

Enable SSO and simple access across multiple systems and applications by federating identities, improving user experience and security posture.


Implement policy-based access control mechanisms to enforce granular access policies, ensuring alignment with organizational requirements.

Access Delegation

Empower users to grant specific access permissions to other members, enhancing collaboration while maintaining security.

Protection against Insider Threats

Identify and mitigate risks associated with malicious or negligent employees by limiting their access to sensitive data and detecting suspicious behaviors.


Elevating Access Management

Patented Authentication Security

Choose a patented and certified authentication security technology, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access and data breaches. See more

MFA with universal tokens

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication across on all types of devices and browsers, providing enhanced security without compromising user experience. See more

TB Persona unique approach

Simplify access management for the users and administrators, enabling delegation and seamless navigation across different roles and access levels. See more

Customized Workflows

Easily orchestrate interactions between various systems thanks to an intuitive Workflow Engine, enhancing operational efficiency. See more
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500+ Worldwide Customers

TrustBuilder supports over 500 worldwide businesses in their digital transformation, with 200+ Large Enterprise accounts.

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They Value our Support in their Digital Transformation

We find it important to provide our own identity to other applications that are not necessarily controlled by us. When we are part of a larger process, we want to be a trusted party in that entire flow.

Dominique Walravens

Solutions and Lead Architect

The TrustBuilder SaaS MFA solution offers great ease of implementation and use. For the Printemps Group, TrustBuilder was the ideal option for strengthening the security of our data and systems.

Alix de Nadaillac

CTO – Production Manager

We wanted our user journey to be as clear and simple as possible without relying on additional hardware devices.

Gabrielle Foubart

Head of Solution & Connectivity Customers Business Unit

When choosing the solution, we were looking to streamline the user experience. (…) TrustBuilder is a user-friendly solution that is very easy to use and to get use to it.

Marine Clarisse

Security Architect

The flexibility of is a major bonus for us. It supports not only standard protocols, but proprietary protocols too. We can authenticate all our applications, even the legacy ones.

Wim Adam

Web System Engineer at SD Worx

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