TrustBuilder Server

TrustBuilder is Security Services framework that provides Authentication, context aware Access Control, Transaction Validation and Mobile Token services to Access Management solutions, Applications and/or TrustBuilder Portal (PEP).

The Core TrustBuilder platform is a Java-EE based application that includes a powerful Policy and Workflow Management engine.

TrustBuilder accommodates traditional Web, Mobile, Federation and SOA based environments, through a variety of front-end service adapters or its own Portal (API Gateway).

On the back-end side, a plug-in architecture assures simultaneous out-of-the box support for Identity Providers and virtually any authentication or validation mechanism, including User Name /Password, One Time Passwords, Digital Certificates, SmartCards, CAP-EMV, Biometrics, etc…

Data from any directory or database can dynamically be included in the user’s profile or used for context aware and risk based access control.

More details on the plug-in architecture.