TrustBuilder Configuration

The TrustBuilder configuration GUI is the partner application to the TrustBuilder core engine, enabling simple configuration of service adapters, workflows and policy scripts without any prior knowledge of the TrustBuilder architecture or configuration.

This tool also provides facilities to manage different TrustBuilder instances allowing the user to export files and restart their core engines' to instantly load changes. Workflows can be created using an intuitive drag and drop interface with built in validation, meaning a new use case can be enabled within a very short time frame.

Configuration of service adapters; database connections, LDAP, HTTP services etc, are made using the fully in-line documented and self-validating forms.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop creation of workflows
  • Create service adapters with in-line documentation
  • Services such as database connection, LDAP, HTTP, Digipass
  • Import files from existing TrustBuilder instance.
  • Export to, restart and re-synchronize TrustBuilder instances
  • Manage multiple local or remote TrustBuilder instances.
  • Fully featured script editor for creation and editing of workflow/policy scripts 
  • Code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Validation of workflows and adapters on saving.
  • Stand-alone optional application ; no impact on TrustBuilder core performance