TrustBuilder Adapters

The Core TrustBuilder platform accommodates traditional Web, mobile and SOA based environments, through a variety of security service interfaces.

On the back-end side, a plug-in architecture assures simultaneous out-of-the box support for virtually any authentication or validation mechanism …


Endpoints (Security service interfaces)

The following interfaces are supported; allowing an easy integration in your applications or Web Access Management platforms:

  • SOAP: allows TrustBuilder to support the common Web Service interface
  • OCSP: allows TrustBuilder to act as an OCSP server, enriching the way digital certificate certificates could be validated
  • HTTP/REST for Restful API services
  • HTTP/HTML: simple HTTP protocol; allows TrustBuilder to act as a web server. This interface also allows the implementation of the IBM Security Access Manager Extended Authentication Interface (EAI).
  • LDAP: allows TrustBuilder to act as  an LDAP Directory. Useful for many Applications and Network Access Points.
  • RADIUS: allows TrustBuilder to act as a RADIUS server.
  • Custom: IBM Security Access Manager Authentication: this interface allows the implementation of the now depreciated IBM Security Access Manager CDAS interface.


TrustBuilder supports a comprehensive set of back-end adapters, fit to support any of your needs:



The adapters can be classified amongst 7 categories as follows:

  1. Username / Password
    These adapters validate a static username/password against a set of directories or databases. This includes the LDAP, the Active Directory (AD), the JDBC (to connect to JDBC-compliant databases), RACF and Kerberos adapters.
  2. Public Key Infrastructure
    This includes the Certificate, Challenge, OCSP (to connect to OCSP servers), CRL adapters.
  3. One-Time passwords
    These adapters validate a one-time password using standard or third-party proprietary algorithms.
  4. Out-Of-Band
    TrustFactor allows users to totally validate out-of-band using their mobile device
  5. Cloud & Federation
    These adapters allow the implementation of Federations and Cloud. It includes the SAML 2.0, OAuth, OpenID Connect, WS-Trust, WS-Federation and SCIM adapters.
  6. Biometrics
    These adapters allow the implementation of biometric authentication, including fingerprint, voice and face recognition.
  7. Utilities & 3rd party API's
    These adapters also allow the implementation of Risk-based authentication It includes the ISAM Admin, ISAM Authn, ISAM PAC, ISAM Azn, ISAM EAS, TFIM Admin, TFIM RBA and WS-Trust adapters.

Some software from third-party technology vendors is included in the TrustBuilder software packaging, and sometimes even licensed directly; for more information, please refer to  technology partners.